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User Info: Tristessa2

9 years ago#11
I live in New York.
The PSN store updates every week by 7pm for me. At 630pm, I get kicked out or the store is glitchy.

So go into the store at 7PM EST, 6PM CST, or 4pm WST and you'll see all the new stuff for the week.
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User Info: FenixSS

9 years ago#12
ok, I see the dlc in the store, but it says I need the game with a product code BLUS something or other. I have the collectors edition with lunch box. Where do I find the code, or do I just download and install?

User Info: Astroshak

9 years ago#13
It actually tells you where the product code is, on one of the screens, if you scroll down far enough.

It is located on the spine of the disc's case. They also mentioned another area, but I dunno where it is. I too bought the collector's edition (nice bobble-head) and its got the correct product code.

User Info: Vinestone

9 years ago#14

Do you need a code to use Broken Steel on the normal game( like not the collectors edition)?

User Info: Danny10080

9 years ago#15
Can someone GIVE me the DLC please. You dont lose anything from this soooo,please? Tyvm
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  3. Is this like an addon
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