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User Info: rttn

1 year ago#1
Been a minute fellas, but I think the future is good for skateboarding games

We got 2 games confirmed on the way. One of which I can attest to how fun it is in its early state.



Both of these will be coming to Xbox/PC and SkaterXL coming to Switch as well if it isn't made obvious by the video.

I tried an early access build of Session a while ago but opted to not back the project because they were letting the community decide on elements of the game and the community cared more about cosmetic nonsense than gameplay features.

I actually have SkaterXL on my pc and it's a ton of fun, the modding community has taken to it and made a TON of maps. The whole physics thing is a total trip. If you've ever played True Skate on a phone then think of that but you have a character model to control it rather than your fingers

Both draw inspiration from the Flick-it system for tricks. Grinds are a little more snapped on SkaterXL than on the Session demo I played, but that can be removed and changed with mods.

Either way it's good to see skating games making a comeback.

I still have the 360 gathering dust I mostly play PC & PS4 these days. Hit me up

Steam: rttnCRAFT
Discord: @rttn#3409
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User Info: djskild

1 year ago#2
I may have to check out SkaterXL on steam then. Might grab it next paycheck.

I'm Kajiggger on Steam dude if you want to ad me.
Why do they always run away? It's the galoshes. Why do I wear them? It's not even raining out.

User Info: hawk540

1 year ago#3
I backed Session so should be getting it on Steam. My add is DryBubbles or Hawk [Legit] (Not sure which one works), everyone add me. Hopefully we'll be able to play together sometime too.
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