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User Info: WTFmonkey1

7 years ago#1
If they were to make a skate 4 what would you want?
I say a new main character with realism and graphics from the first with the replay editor from 3 and the return of SKATE.
A new city with new brands and character: Bones wheels, theeve trucks, toy machine, foundation.
Characters like Guy Mariano, Mike Mo, Corey Duffel, Stefan Janoski, Shane O'Neill and The Berrics skatepark.
Alot of customization like the ability to choose the shirt under a button up and shoes that can be color changed like vans eras but with 5 different swatches or something.
Also longer pro challenges like 2 or 3 challenges for each board company returning back to choosing sponsors. This probably wont happen but its good to see what people want...
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User Info: New_Glory

7 years ago#2
more fluid motions between popping and obstacles.

i also want grinds to seem less perfect. like a 5-0 on a concrete ledge should look more shaky, as the skater has to fight against it to balance rather than just slide.

lastly, the areas should be more fine tuned. i like the maps we have now, but it kinda kills the feeling of a suburban area when cars travel at fifty miles an hour, and the whole neighborhood looks like a big raceway. skaters don't actually have huge cities like that to skate in, noooo. the city areas should be more compact in some areas, where people really start to congregate and cars roll at a steady 5mph. this would force the player to better time themselves for tricks, as you can observe in 90% of skate 3 montages, the character literally fly's through every trick because they're given so much room. it should be a little less spacious in order to force the player to skate a little more realistically - at a "normal" speed.

User Info: ac_90

7 years ago#3
i'd love them to just continue iterating the realism of the physics & provide a new city that trumps the previous 3. throw in some new tricks & that would probably be enough for me. but as far as a wishlist goes, i think the series could benefit a lot from changes like these:

- having s.k.a.t.e. matches recognize late flips & frontside/backside
- having multiplayer matches that take place on realistic spots instead of 40 sets & massive rails
- bringing back spot race
- improving the single player career mode so the story is actually intriguing & engaging
- providing the ability to link clips together into short videos
- having cheats to unlock things at the beginning of the game instead of having to play through the entire career to unlock basic things for the park editor & clothing/product
- having the style you choose actually influence the look of your character's tricks
- fixing the glitches & loitering pedestrians

User Info: welshyboy

7 years ago#4
A simple "you are here" marker on the map! I still have to guess which district is which on the challenge screen even now (I know about the locations tab btw), which leads me to wonder why they didn't label the map properly.
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