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  3. How to do hippy flip ?
dEv7FiR 11 years ago#1
All i can do is the normal flip where i press A + X and it dosent flip or anything .. not really cool can anyone teach me detailed or with a video ?? Thanks !
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smerf1 11 years ago#2
you got it all wrong my friend, hippy flips arnt done with button presses, just timing.

you will have to get a high enough rail and flip a kickflip or any other flip trick, but have to get your timing perfect. if all goes well your board should go under the rail, and you go over it.

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optimal 11 years ago#3
Do hippy flips still have to be double kickflips? Or can you hippy flip with a single now?
ieatathardees 11 years ago#4
idk about skate 3, but in skate 2 you could do: double kick/heelflip, switch 360 flip, switch 360 inward heel, pop shuvit, 360 flip, 360 hardflip, ollie late heelflip, ollie late kickflip. i have been playing since skate 1 and i have never been able to pull off a single kickflip hippyflip. i am pretty sure all of those are still able to be done in skate 3. much time and effort required and the key is timing, height of rail, height of fliptrick you are trying, and lots of good old fashioned luck.
DucksNotHappy 11 years ago#5
i did my first hippy flip in skate 3 . i been trying from skate 2.

try to do 180 flips over rails making you go over and the board go under.. as said before its not a press button trick its a try OVER AND OVER again trick
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