Episode 1 vs. Sonic Advance 1

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User Info: Kysafen

7 years ago#1
Lol, sister topic to 360pages' topic.

Personally..... Sonic Advance. And please no discussions about Sonic Advance 2, 3, or Rush, we can probably guess our opinions about those games for their mechanics. This is about Sonic Advance 1, not the Advance series.

User Info: ShadowL64

7 years ago#2
This game felt faster than sonic advance and had better platforming in my opinion. But something about sonic advance and it's ideas just make me like it a lot too.
I'd say I like them both the same.

User Info: KyoKusanagi

7 years ago#3
It felt like the game held your hand at certain points with useless enemy placement. Example: Lost Labyrinth Act Whatever. A bunch of Bubbles are floating next to elevator platforms.

Also: Spring placement. In Splash Hill Zone or practically anywhere in the game there are springs that are chained together to essentially play the game for you.
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User Info: Knuckles07

7 years ago#4
I'd have to say Ep. 1 if only for Super Sonic alone.
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User Info: 360pages

7 years ago#5
Advance one for me i like all the handheld games more then this
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User Info: PoisonShroomz

7 years ago#6

I'd have to say Ep. 1 if only for Super Sonic alone.


User Info: edward18

7 years ago#7
I honestly don't know. They're both some of my favorite games of the series, and Advane 1 was definately the best of the Advance games....I dunno...can I call a draw on this one?
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User Info: mdfmkrules9999

7 years ago#8
super sonic being playable in every stage immediately makes this better than advance imo.

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User Info: abigexplosion

7 years ago#9
I really like both games. But here's what I think.

Sonic 4
+Super Sonic in every level
+Classic style special stages
+More difficult final boss
+Better graphics
-Minor physics engine oddities (and by minor I mean doesn't ruin the game)
-Too easy to earn extra lives (wouldn't be a problem if it didn't save them.)
-No multi-player or co-op (advance at least has vs mode)

Advance 1
+More playable characters
+Better Music
+More level variety
+Gameplay feels closer to that of a classic Sonic game.
-Super Sonic is only in the last level
-Errr, I can't think of a good flaw. Rail sliding feels kind of odd?

It's kind of hard for me to say one over the other, but if I had to pick, I'd say advance 1 is better.
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User Info: Revoredo

7 years ago#10
Advance 1. Sonic 4 is cool, but I have a feeling that if the series were to keep going on the Genesis, the next game would be much like Advance 1.
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