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User Info: sweatywalrus

8 years ago#11
Time travel
the tusken raider

User Info: TAMKFan

8 years ago#12
I want Tails and Knuckles playable and some new boss ideas.

User Info: Solid Sonic

Solid Sonic
8 years ago#13
Tails (only) should be playable and you can also take him back to the first four zones of Sonic 4 (Knuckles will be made playable in Episode 3, wherein you can take him back to zones from the first two episodes while also taking Sonic and Tails through the zones playable in Episode 3).

Have some more balanced puzzles (some of the crap in Lost Labyrinth was a bit too heady for a 2D platformer).

Maybe another homage boss at the end (I'm thinking Sonic 3 & Knuckles Death Egg-style).
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User Info: Kysafen

8 years ago#14

-Co-op Story mode: Connect another controller to control Tails a la Sonic 2/3&K.
-Competitive Multiplayer: Yes, both on and offline.
-Tails. Knuckles is the defender of Angel Island, so it's illogical as a character for him to be in 4 unless Angel Island is involved. We're sticking to the original series canon.
-The transitions between zones act as one whole narrative: Knuckles drops Sonic and Tails into Hydrocity, a geyser in Hydrocity springs Sonic into the Marble Garden, Marble Garden collapses and Sonic and Tails fly to safe ground in Robotnik's Carnival. You get the picture, and it makes the game feel like it's one big adventure.
-The music quality: There's no reason I can think of for the music to be this quality on the Wii and not PS3/360.
-All the versions are identical: Meaning the features you get on the PS3 are the features you get on the Wii.
-Physics. Or at least fix spin dashes and the slow running start. Or reinstate the Super Peel Out from Sonic CD.
-Original Zones. Sonic 4 should be its own game. It's perfectly fine to have re-dos of zones but it's not if that's all Sonic 4 is.

-The musical and level theory. Both aren't bad, but they can be improved upon. To reiterate so many other critics of 4, it's a step in the right direction.

If they have all this for episode 2 I should have no problems.

User Info: dbhomie

8 years ago#15
Since mechanics would be too much for sega, a few glitches and bugs need to be ironed out.

1] Sega needs to fix the over 100 lifes glitch cause having over 99 lifes was just crazy, even the trailer showed having more than 100 lifes when it was still in development.

2] The bug in Time Attack which allows rings to be carried over (This may not be bad cause it allows super sonic even in boss battles) but due to Sega leaving this bug in the game play causes alot of lag with Super Sonic making alot of slow down at least on the Wii.

See this video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_WTTUB-ngX8&feature=related

As you see this is legit and in no way assosiated with Homebrew or Orcarina otherwise it would end up like this... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=op2WPB-_dJU

It really messes up at the end showing Sega not to expect the level to loop or expect Super Sonic to be there.

That is all
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User Info: ninbin

8 years ago#16
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