Ideas for episode 2?

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User Info: ShadowL64

7 years ago#1

I got a few. Like

1. If tails/knuckles are in this (Which I'm pretty sure they will be), they should be held captive by Robotnik in a somewhat Sonic advance 2 approach.

Like, Robotnik is holding tails/knuckles captive in his machine, except for to save tails/knuckles AND defeat Robotnik, you have to defeat his machine a different way than normal (Somewhat like the last chaos emerald in Sonic Pocket Adventure)

2. Episode 2 should literally take RIGHT OFF where episode 1 ended.

Like you start off with the cutscene of Splash hill, like the ending of episode 1. Except maybe robotnik comes and attacks you (in a new machine, not a rehashed one), and you get into a sudden Super sonic vs robotnik boss fight.

It'd be easy of course, since it's the first battle, but this is more of like an interactive cutscene. Because after you defeat robotnik, Metal sonic comes and steals all the chaos emeralds, leaving Sonic to fall into an unknown place. Thus starting the first act of the first zone.

User Info: ninbin

7 years ago#2
no knuckles please, tails and mighty as alternative characters, rescue amy and battle metal sonic.

3d special stages

5 zones

sort out the 'uncurling' thing.

User Info: ShadowL64

7 years ago#3
Oh right; less acts per zone (Like the sonic 2 style? 2 acts and a boss in the 2nd act), and definitely more zones. :D

User Info: ninbin

7 years ago#4
i mean keep 3 acts per zone, just have 5 zones not 4.

i really enjoyed sonic 4 epsidode 1 ...needed another zone though.

User Info: ShadowL64

7 years ago#5
Oh, i always felt that 3 acts was a little too much/

User Info: CorallSummer

7 years ago#6
Tails - I missed him in episode 1 Knuckles I'm fine with staying this one out, but he has to be in episode 3.

More Zones - I'm hoping for six or seven zones.

New bosses - I don't like playing Sonic 2 with a homing attack.

Bosses in the zones - I like going super on them.

And that's all... I think.

User Info: ninbin

7 years ago#7
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: ShadowL64

7 years ago#8
Oh i also think there should be less rings. i had well over 100 rings in almost every act the first time I played this game.

User Info: ninbin

7 years ago#9
oh yeah i got another idea...don't have to hit A to progress to next act/zone/boss...DO like the world map's a cute extra just hit A to go there instead.

User Info: ShadowL64

7 years ago#10
I'm also pretty sure this has been said about a million times, but Act Transitions, like the ones in Sonic 3 & Knuckles would be awesome.

Like the Sonic chasing eggman in between Mad Gear and E.G.G. Station. We need transitions like that, except a LOT more, between all the acts/zones/bosses/etc.

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