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User Info: 11Beta_01

8 years ago#1
Been trying to figure out how to do burnouts, are they still possible to do?

User Info: Lp Made Skater

Lp Made Skater
8 years ago#2
: like skate videos? homemade part 2 video http://bit.ly/2wDCam

User Info: HomerJPimpson

8 years ago#3
Press the brake button and immediately slide your thumb down to the gas button and hold. Then let go of the gas whenever.
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User Info: terry12312

8 years ago#4
Hold the gas button, quickly slide to the brake button to activate the handbrake, then slide back to the gas button to start the burnout.

After starting the burnout, release the gas button and quickly hold it again to boost.

User Info: JTurn711

7 years ago#5
At a stop, press the brake button and quickly slide to the accelerator button. When you are ready to go, release the accelerator and press it again to contribute to global warming.
XBL GT: J Turn711

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