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User Info: combatclinic

2 months ago#1
So, I recently bought this for my vita and wanted to roleplay the whole way by leaving my party on tactics. Since it's the MC's story, there is no way that they could dictate each and every move. Here's my question, how viable is this? Is an all out attack off the table since "Knockdown" was removed from the portable version like my friend said? Should I back out of tactics, yes or no? I'm leaning towards yes, but I'd rather not heavily handicap myself when the ai is dumbed down from its original. Thanks in advance!

User Info: basswalker24

2 months ago#2
Heyo, I’m playing FES, but I think the AI is similar enough. My friends all play portable, and they generally agree with me on this.
I understand the appeal of using tactics, but you will see your party members making the same stupid mistakes repeatedly. While it does break immersion to directly command your teammates, I’d argue that Junpei spending a quarter of his SP to cast Fire Break on a shadow with 1 health remaining is worse. If you do this at all, I’d recommend using party members with less technical, situational skills.

User Info: combatclinic

2 months ago#3
I see, thank you. But, will this mean I can only perform all-out attacks when it's MC's turn. I'm assuming the game was built around that? Only the MC can initiate the group attack, as the others stick to one target, because "Knockdown" was removed.

User Info: q 3

q 3
2 months ago#4
Anyone can trigger an all-out-attack. Knockdown was not removed. It was changed slightly to be more in line with subsequent games in the series.