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User Info: awsome_bebe

11 years ago#1
Do you think Ryoji and Thanatos are the same person?

In Dec 31, If you choose not to kill him, he will reveal his true form and ask you to reconsider. Now that form is Thanatos Am I right? So Ryoji is Thanatos.
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User Info: darknessclaw

11 years ago#2
i agree ryoji is thantos. because if you remember back at the bridge ryoji stated he was inside the mc's body for 10 years untill he was free when the mc summoned orpheus. when the mc did thantos came out of orpheus makign ti clear ryoji is thantos.
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User Info: Pervert_Kuhn

11 years ago#3
Ryoji is the force that manifested itself as Pharos before MC. As time went on and you grew closer to Pharos, your Death S. Link went up. After killing the final shadow, your Death S. Link maxes (unlocking Thanatos) and Pharos leaves your body and becomes Ryoji. Ryoji reveals his true form, which is Thanatos.

In a way, he is Thanatos. I think it's more like Ryoji's true form is that of Death, and Thanatos is a persona within MC that comes from drawing on the memories and emotions associated with Pharos, who, like Ryoji, was Death. That's why they look alike.

That's how I interpret it, anyway.
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User Info: DancingTrigger

11 years ago#4
Thanatos is a deity of death. Ryoji is Thanatos.
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User Info: Cinder6

11 years ago#5
Thanatos is the god of Death. The ultimate persona of the Death arcana is Thanatos. Ryoji turns into Thanatos. Ryoji is Thanatos.
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User Info: Sunladis

11 years ago#6
Nah, I don't think they're the exact same thing. I kinda agree with Pervert_Kuhn here that Thanatos is just a manifestation of MC's psyche related with Pharos/Ryoji.
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