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User Info: ethan3210

11 years ago#1
What is it?
Schlicking? ._.
An elaborate form of schlicking?
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User Info: Raven236

11 years ago#2
Its like Romeo And Juliet.


One will have to kill the other in the end. Its when you want to kill the other that is the question.
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User Info: ColdFlamez

11 years ago#3
After 10 years he finally got out. Then I guess he wanted to go back in.
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User Info: lunamoon7

11 years ago#4
Do you really think they bow chika chika wow wow?
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User Info: WolfeyesVIII

11 years ago#5
^Of course not, I'm sure their 'long time spent' in rank 9 was just an innocent game of cards.
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User Info: lunardragon17

11 years ago#6
I dunno, but I support the ffff out of it.

I'd like to think it's not self-thing.

User Info: CielTynave

11 years ago#7
None of the above. They're completely different beings, being sealed in her for 10 years doesn't mean they become the same person.

User Info: evechan

11 years ago#8
Yes, their s-link does somehow resemble Romeo + Juliet:

-immediate mutual attraction (it's no wonder that his s-link always goes up and that they are pretty gaga about each other. Seriously their s-link is already romance during rank 4)
-a ring plays a certain part (Romeo and Juliet marry - Ryoji buys a ring during a date with FeMC which he gives to her at the end of their s-link)
-The truth comes out (R+J realize pretty soon that they are on opposite sides, Ryoji and FeMC much later)
-He disappears after their relationship becomes intimate (well R + J consumate their marriage and Ryoji and FeMC complete their social link right before he goes away).
-When they see each other the next time they are pretty much dead

Ah yes: FeMC can also mock Ryoji calling him Romeo once when he enters her room for the first time in person.

I don't know if this was on purpose but even their "social link name" sorta appears in R+J: "O I'm fortune's fool" (a pretty famous quote of Romeo after he killed Tybalt)

I think that this social link is full of irony:
-Talking about people dying during the event with Ryoji after Chidori died. (Seriously talking about death with death himself??)
-When he enters her room he is starting to talk about his nostalgia feeling all over again (since he is also Pharos it's no wonder that he knows this room pretty well)

I actually don't see it as self-crest since they are two different entities like said before and it think that he actually is the boy who knows her best and who fits best with her.
And to tell the truth I have actually never been a fan of R+J (I thought they were stupid since they didn't know each other) . But I think that the irony and that Ryoji and FeMC actually know each other better than anyone else makes up for the lovey-dovey part (+ the end fight which luckily wasn't changed at all. I you compare it with Shinji's s-link which had to change an whole aspect of the plot and is overhyped (which is stupid in my opinion since it ruins a lot of Akihiko's future and the end fight with that coma thing)).

User Info: lunamoon7

11 years ago#9

Ryoji is also the only one who tells her he loves her even if just friends.

Hehehe... I'm coming for you!
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