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    help me persona compendium,, I want to 100%,, but why do I only get up to 99%,, what should I do,, please tell me

    you need to max all social links in one play thru to be able to fuse orpheus telos ( i think that is its name) i also think that it takes 12 personas to fuse it

    Orpheus Telos can be fused (once you max all Social LInks in one playthrough anyway) by using Thanatos (Death), Chi You (Tower), Helel (Star), Asura (Sun), Messiah (Judge), and Metatron (Aeon) in a Hexagonal Fusion. This will get him to inherit the most skills.

    Another (easier way) to fuse him is Raphael + Abbadon + Nandi

    If Telos isn't the Persona that you're missing, then you might want to check http://arantius.github.io/persona-fusion-calculator/3fes.html#/list/arcana and go one by one to see what Persona you're missing.