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User Info: ambstrike

10 years ago#1
Can anyone tell me what each character ability is and the condition for them to activated.
From what i can tell (I maybe wrong)

Miyanaga Saki- High chance of getting a Kan and the tile you need after a Kan.

Haramura Nodoka- Tells you what tile you should discard. After a win(I think) the screen turns into a digital-like background. Maybe it increases her chances of winning?

Kataoka Yuuki- While she is in the East her chances and getting a good hand/ippatsu tsumo increases.

Takei Hisa- High chance of winning with a bad hand?

Someya Mako- Not sure about the conditions for it to activated but when it does, it will show what tiles are dangerous to discard.

Amae Koromo-Her ability activates when she is in tenpai, not sure what it does but I guess it makes your opponent have bad draws.

Ryuumonbuchi Touka- ???

Inoue Jun- Her ability activates when she Chi/Pon/Kan, not sure what it does though. My guess is that it prevents the opponent from having a tsumo?

Fukuji Mihoko(- Not sure when it activates or what it does but my guess is that it activates at the last or second last round and the non-coloured tile are the number of unwanted tiles until they are in tenpai.

Ikeda Kana- ???

Yos hitome Miharu(added a space between S and H cause it will show s-hit)- ???

Senoh Kaori- Something to do with Yakuman, still not sure though.

Touyoko Momoko- After a while you cant see her face, not sure what it does but my guess is you cant Pon/Chi/Kan/Ron from her.

Yumeno Maho-???

For people who don't know who they are see http://myanimelist.net/anime/5671/Saki/characters

User Info: ambstrike

10 years ago#2
**Takei Hisa- High chance of winning with a bad wait?

User Info: ambstrike

10 years ago#3
For Touyoko Momoko, when her ability activates you have a short time to decide whether to Pon/Chi/Kan/Ron from her before the option disappear.

User Info: ambstrike

10 years ago#4
For Senoh Kaori there is a random chance that her starting hand and draws will be a yakuman.

User Info: iSelphy

10 years ago#5
Nice info for story mode, but I will be definitely turning off powers in free play. So cheap!
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User Info: ambstrike

10 years ago#6
Ya the powers are very cheap especially for Saki with a almost definite chance of getting rinshan kaihou and san kantsu.

For Kataoka Yuuki, she WILL start as the dealer and her powers will last a few round even if she isn't in the east.

User Info: ambstrike

10 years ago#7
For Yumeno Maho, she gets a random character ability and will announce it at the start of each round. For example she will say 'Digital Mode' for Nodoka's ability or 'Jigoku Matsu'(Hell's Wait) for Hisa's ability. Getting her is a bit*h, you start with 1000 points and vs Saki, Yuuki, Nodoka with 33000 and have to come out top. I cannot tell you how much I hate Yuuki saying riichi and Saki saying Kan. Its the last challenge and you have to unlock it by completing story mode.

User Info: lord_phr0zen

10 years ago#8
I have only been playing four characters so far and haven't gone through Story Mode yet, so this might need a lot of correction.

Miyanaga Saki (Plus/Minus ZERO)
Condition: Activates when you declare a Kan.
Effect: Draw a tile that would give you another Kan or declare a win.
Exemption: You have no tiles with a set of 3 or the tile that you need is already in your opponent's hand or discard pile.
Additional Info: For some reason, even without her skill being activated she could get a Kan quite easily.

Takei Hisa: (Koyosumi's Student Body President)
Condition: Activates when you are in Tenpai and the winning tile you need have only 1 left.
Effect: Tsumo next turn.
Exemption: If one of your opponents managed to draw that tile first before your next turn.

Fukuji Mihoko: (Kazekoshi's Captain)
Condition: I'm not quite sure... I think it activates at the 3rd round.
Effect: See what type of tile is in your opponent's hand.
(Red=Characters, Green=Bamboo, Blue=Marbles, White=Honors, etc.) <--- might need some corrections

Amae Koromo: (Ryuumonbuchi's Oni)
Condition: Activates when you are in Tenpai.
Effect: I'm not quite sure about this one but it seems to have something to do with Tsumo, instead of the default thunder animation when picking the last tile, it shows flames instead.
Additional Info: Koromo is not a kodomo.

User Info: lonelyfoxy

10 years ago#9
Ryuumonbuchi Touka
Condition - Ritz, other don't know yet
Effect - High chance to ippatsu tsumo or tsumo
Effect 2 - Know who's tempai

Ikeda Kana
Condition - Low point [below 10,000]
Effect - Draw high point hand [haneman - sanbaiman]

User Info: DDT213

10 years ago#10
After messing around with Miharu for a while, I came across her special ability. It appears that she can change the choice of her tile discarding should she ever Furikomi with it.

She'll think out loud ''Abunai'' as a warning when you try to discard the Furikomi tile, then you get to select another tile to discard. Suspected point of activation would be whenever someone is in Tenpai state (including Dama-Ten?), Obvious exemption would be when you've declared Reach, in which situation you cannot make any changes on your hand.

Some addtional info for other characters...

-Inoue Jun: After any naku (Chi/Pon/Kan), the next tsumo is guaranteed to be one that improves your hand.

-Amae Koromo: In addition to worsening your opponents' tsumo, there's a very good chance you would make your hand with Haitei. I don't know if it's guaranteed or not, but I haven't missed once whenever given the chance.

-Someya Mako: She has a tendency to get tiles that lead to Honitsu just like in the anime.

-Fukuji Mihoko: Her ability only activates on round 3 of Nan, not Ton so she's just a normal character if you're playing Ton only instead of Hanchan.

I think that about covered every character with special abilities. BTW, Maho is just an awesome secret character. At first I thought her lines at the beginning were just comical effects until I Rinshan'd twice in a row...then I realized whoa she really wasn't kidding. lol
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