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User Info: Broly228

2 months ago#1
I know this is a long shot. Im looking for a Dragonstomper and a Swinging Sword if anyone has some extras or something. Please message me or respond here. Thanks!
Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.-Pete Clemenza

User Info: CravenWaffles

2 months ago#2
I can give them to you. Message me a GT and availability.

User Info: Zaytecc

1 month ago#3
I’m also looking for weapons if anyone can help me out, Id be happy to gift them back after I pop the achievement, GT is Zaytecc
I need;
SWORDS 2 Beadle's Cutlass 7 Really Sharp Pair of Scissors

HAMMERS 16 Hammer of Wilmageddon 21 Sorrow's Fist 22 Tanner's Glory 25 The TYPO

PISTOLS 32 Dragonstomper .48

Rifles 39 Arkwright's Flintlock 41 The Equalizer 47 The Shrieking Pilgrim 48 Simmon's Shotgun 49 Skorm's Justice
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