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User Info: lluukkee1122

10 years ago#1
is this game worth getting... the trailer looks seriousy slick and awesome, i have the demo of this and downloading modnation demo right now...

i don't have any locoroco games but i have patapon 2 so i know what kind of random-ness im dealing with...

alot of people say that this is torture but i have jak 2 on ps2 (no game is more harder then that...) so im pretty much prepared for this game...

is there something that i should do before i download this?

secondly... how much is this worth?(AUS dollers) if it's 20-50 i'll buy it

if its 60-80... i'd rather jump off a bridge than buy some expencive rip-off!

User Info: Candied_Air

10 years ago#2
Ummm LOL.....I remember I posted this in the Patapon 2 board when I was asking a question

I bought Patapon 2 and LocoRoco Midnight Carnival at the same time, but since I'm holding midnight carnival in my hands now....I just have to say.....This is by far the most difficult LocoRoco game I've ever played so far, after putting down Patapon 2 for awhile I decided to try out Midnight Carnival and I was surprised that there were only 3-8 Locorocos in a single level (not 20), the secret areas are more difficult to find and I can’t believe I have spent more than 2 hour in a single level (oh my aching pointing fingers), one mistake can lead you to your doomed!(I’m to damned of a perfectionist) And I just want to add I’ve completed LocoRoco 1 and 2 in a hundred percent but Midnight Carnival is a combination of cute, adorable, Torture and hell! The Infamous BuiBui Fort 3 in LocoRoco 2 is EASY compared to Midnight Carnivals levels. Unlike Patapon 2 (which is for new players) LocoRoco Midnight Carnival is hard as #$%!

And just a little trivia Patapon was the spiritual sequel to LocoRoco, The guy that made the soundtrack songs in LocoRoco also did Patapon.

And I remember I played Jak 2, it was a GREAT game with a MEMORABLE plot, and the plot intrigued me to ignore the torture and difficulty of the game. Yes I was determined to finish the game, until my save got corrupted and I accidentally sat on the C.D. (sob I never got to see the end!) Jak, Sly, And Ratchet FTW!

Don't worry if you find Midnight Carnival hard, even the experts (not bragging) find this hell. And the cute music is so catchy it’s enough to forgive the game (at least for me).
This game has a lot of mixed reviews because of its difficulty.

If I were you should try the first two games first (just to know what you’re dealing with) It’s only $20.

Or download the DEMO, I have 4 LocoRoco demos
Halloween demo
Christmas demo
Locoroco 2 demo
Midnight Carnival demo
I'm a chocoholic and proud of it!

User Info: lluukkee1122

10 years ago#3
dont worry
the ending of jak 2 wasn't that great..

OK. it was fantastic!

i found out it's $23.95 so im getting it!

i have all the demo's of locoroco 1 (including the disc one!)

and my friend made me play a level and it is very hard!!!

User Info: lluukkee1122

10 years ago#4
i got locoroco 1 instead!!

it's good but i rekon it could be better

User Info: Roddy100

10 years ago#5
You should play LocoRoco 2 then - it improves upon the original in almost every possible way.
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