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User Info: dumpling321

10 years ago#11
actually i found Tropuca 2, and Kelapton 1 easier then BuiBui Fort 2
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User Info: Roddy100

10 years ago#12
Am I the only one who enjoyed the challenge of the Bui Bui Fort 3 stage in LocoRoco 2?

Anyway, I just bought Midnight Carnival and so far I'm loving the changes and new additions. The shop is awesome and even the Crane mini game that seemed so pointless in the first and second games is now more fun (the Bui Bui crane operator tells you what LocoRoco to try to catch for more points.)

The "Boing" system works really well and makes the game feel fresh and I appreciate that the developers went to this effort when they could have easily produced "just another LocoRoco game."

User Info: Cronic_X

10 years ago#13
Man I have so much fury at Jaojab 2 it is not funny.

I got the White Medal from attempting to do it so many times.
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User Info: Zebula77

10 years ago#14
Am I the only one who's hating the difficulty level in this game? I absolutely love the first two LocoRocos as they were, above all - FUN!

This game...is NOT fun lol

I spend most of my time cursing at the screen and turning off my PSP in frustration.

Seriously disappointed with this game.

User Info: Roddy100

10 years ago#15
A lot of people seem to be put off by the difficulty but I am loving it!

And I also don't think it's as hard as people make out. I completed Jaojab 2 and Bui Bui Fort 2 on my second try each and I don't think either of them were anywhere near as difficult as the Bui Bui Fort 3 level in LocoRoco 2. I'm slightly baffled by the extreme reactions I'm seeing in these forums.

I'm very happy that i bought the game and am loving every minute of it.
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