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User Info: castrejon04

10 years ago#1
I like this game, and I think I'll buy since it isn't that expensive compare to most psn games.
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User Info: catsith

10 years ago#2
Same..although I haven't even finished loco roco 2 yet...i kind of just stopped playing that game becuase i got a new game.. But still i quite like this one, I think this game need to have more coustomisation for us players otherwise it just loses some of its charm. The new shop is good addition for sure, but still you are limited to whats available.

I am thinking more along the lines of Patapon to Patapon 2, where you are grown much more attached to each of your patapon trying to level them up..

User Info: castrejon04

10 years ago#3
Well I think I should buy the first locoroco game since I only played the free demos that were distributed since the PSP came out.
"Don't let it end like this...Tell them I said something." Pancho Villa

User Info: Morgalaga

10 years ago#4
From the demo I think this is the best Loco Roco.
I like being able to fall to your demise, buy items , and challenge score boards.
Because of Boing the game has a similar pace to Sonic the Hedgehog.
The loops and ramps add to that comparison.

User Info: germs666

10 years ago#5
Yeah...I very like this game...It is so Entertaining!I rate this 9, because I think something is lacking in this game...
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