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User Info: sejembalm

2 months ago#1
Gladiux due out in 2020 for consoles and PC.
Starcaster Games has released the debut trailer for Gladiux, its new combat action game set in the age of gladiators developed in partnership with Acquire and due out for consoles and PC in 2020. https://gematsu.com/2019/12/gladiux-teaser-trailer


Platforms: Consoles, PC

Publisher: Starcaster Games, Acquire

Developer: Starcaster Games
Gladiux Teaser Trailer

User Info: Jmanghan

2 months ago#2
Sejembalm, buddy, you need to join us on the GB discord, there's way more activity on there then here, and Saturnstales is in there too.
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  2. Gladiator Begins
  3. Gladiux being made as a sequel for MMXX.
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