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  3. Does anyone read Kento Ankokuden Cestvs?

User Info: YaminoSeigi

2 years ago#1
Given that the manga begins its serialization in late 90s, i bet the Devs of this game took some inspiration from this manga. What do you guys think about it?
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User Info: Jmanghan

2 years ago#2
I think it was pretty good.
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User Info: sejembalm

2 years ago#3
There's a manga titled Hishintan - Vita Arcana featuring a character called Ella and her adventures as a gladiator in ancient Rome. She was made into a downloadable character and comes with two items: Euteron (helmet) and Melanhudol (weapon).
Gladiator Begins: Ella Downloadable Content
This character looks like she belongs in in anime. And according the Gladiator Begins Complete Guide thats not a far off guess. Acquire apparently collaborated with manga artist and Professor Mami Ito, to add this character from an obscure manga called "Hishintan" (秘身譚) Sometimes known as Vita Arcana. This manga has not been released to the west. Apparently the manga takes place in Rome 217 A.D. After the assassination of Emperor Caracalla. The following is a translation of the description of the manga:

Third century AD several decades have passed since Ken Emperor Ru-free treatment "age of man was the most happiness." Rome is the world's most powerful empire, political corruption and ravaged by foreign campaign, invasion of barbarians, followed slowly, but surely, have continued to lose its power. The assassination of the Emperor Caracalla, occurred at the East, and all begin to change significantly - from those who brought you the talented dark medieval fantasy "Pilgrim Jaeger", bring to life an ancient world filled with fantasy and romance! And some disturbing nudity.
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