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User Info: WeissVogel

10 years ago#1
I finally cracked the bastard just early this morning (had to quicksave three times too) under the EAF banner. now on to the GZRA file

It turned out that there are videos in nicovideo.jp proved my theories right about desynching just below the head office and try to limit the strider narcissus' movement so he can't fire the balmung. I also used a jammer to shepherd a jormungand past the Angrboda's backblast (and fire the heimdall's gjallarhorn missiles at it to reset the charge for buying more time). to paraphrase one post in the R-type TV Tropes and Idioms page goes about RT3TTL, if you've beaten the stage the very first time, you're a dirty liar

It is important to have the POW Kai in the small passageway before the penultimate area by turn 28-29. As long as all forces in the area are in the clear, you must have enough legroom for the POW to move into the final hallway so it can access the head office by turn 34. I also had two Future Worlds, a Force-equipped Principalities and a Stayer to take care of the Narcissus I and II masquerading as Striders in the hallway. Balmungs and the Fire Force ram help cut them down.

strike composition:
Heimdall x1
Jormungand x2 (one to support the desynch fighters)
*Sunday Strike x1
*Warhead x1
Powered Silence x1
Morningstar X1
*Principalities x1
Midnight Owlx1
Future World x1
POW x1
Wiseman x1

where *-Force-equipped

Thanks to AZDA9S for the help. Let's discuss the mission here!
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