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10 years ago#1
Hello to all. signing in.

I've been playing RTT2BC for the past several months and I admit having played RTCommand to death, but I'm having a major problem with Mission 23: The Glitnir Assault.

I've scoured the entire forum for help on how to beat this mission, but I'm stumped with the time limit. I wish Irem would be more forgiving with the limit for its NA release - like as if the large numbers of units was not enough!

Anyway, the closest I've had to getting a capture unit by the Glitnir head office by turn 35 was seeing my POW Armor Kai just entering the final passageway into it. like ten hexes away. I somehow knew I was making good time when I was at the top of the main shaft by turn 19-20. I entered the lower passageway with the Garum and tried to stay out of range of the Hyllos at the upper tunnel.

That was in the EAF campaign, but in the GZRA I'm there by turn 28 - too little time!

Here's my composition for the EAF version of the Glitnir attack (went through Triton (mission 19); T747J, I've figured out how to go there):

Heimdall (with POW Armor Kai, Rr2o-3, Hot Conductor, Grace Note, and Morningstar)
Jormungand (with Sunday Strike-Force)
Stayer x1
Future World X2

Wiseman x1
Principalities x1
Dominions X1

Basically, I put out the three sniper units as soon as there's space in turn 1, so I could get them charged right away while the others break open the lower hangar bay. The Jormungand stays behind outside the upper hangar door so the Warhead and the SS could desynch and wait below the main office (but already fully charged. that's my main surprise when the rest of the force comes in. I figured that when you use the Heimdall's Gjallarhorn missiles at the Angrboda already in the launch catapult, you could stall the backblast long enough for the ship to go through as long as there's enough space on the other side so the ship's main core will not be hit.

To anyone whos completed it, what was your attack configuration?

Help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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