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User Info: T747J

11 years ago#1
Been a while since I posted some more information about the game, so here's some information on the hidden units buried within the code, due to be released as DLC in Japan. The units are limited to one each, I believe, so no 1-turn charge Gains-spam for us...

Earth Side

Himinguerva (Hresvelger?) Class: A very substantial upgrade for the Aegir/Leen series of seafaring vessels, a bright white color that's reminiscent of Nibelheim. Carries new Depth Charge Hs, which are only slightly less powerful but more than twice as accurate as normal ones in addition to Leen's cruise missiles, giving it awesome firepower. Transport capacity is increased by one as well for a total of three.

Nostrand Class: A dark red upgrade for the Hresvelger class that trades it's photon missile pods for a Balmung nuclear missile, as well as some overall small improvements in HP and fuel, plus it can carry one extra unit for a total of three.

Panzer General II: Reddish-purple version of the Panzer General, mounting better missiles with an overall reach of 4. Pretty decent, but you'll use it rarely - and you can't develop Kiwi Berry from it either, so beware.

Arrowhead R: A red interceptor-type Arrowhead with increased speed of 4, and a rise in evasion that makes it great to use early on, until you get the Warhead.

Arrowhead GR: A green arrowhead with a slight increase in fuel capacity and radar range, making it a better scout.

Strider BK: A black Strider with increased evasion - and the only one you'll be able to get for a long while if you're playing on the Coalition Forces side, making it something of a consolation prize. It's useful for a long time, however, since with a good pilot at the helm, the Trial type Balmung nuke it equips can be almost as strong as the Sleipnir's genuine one.

Midnight Eye BK: Black Midnight Eye with higher radar of 4, and better fuel. More or less the same stats as an Owl Light, minus the Sonar, so it's really only good until you get one of those.

Patrocross Variable II: Bright red in appearence, it's performance in fighter mode has been upgraded through an upgraded Standard Wave Cannon II, trades it's photon missiles for Trace Missile IIs, and has 5 more fuel than before, putting it closer to the Wave Master or Lady Love in terms of performance. Biped mode is the same as before, but it can now do a ramming attack like that of the Gains Mk-III.

Sea Tiger: An orange and black Frogman upgrade that has improved HP and evasion. It has more powerful anti-air missiles, and also mounts depth charges.

Grandpa M: An power-blue upgrade of the submarine Grandpa F that gains more HP, upgrades like the Sea Tiger and Kiwi Berries to Surface-to-Air missile IIs, and a more powerful Torpedo Wave cannon, at the cost of losing some evasion and fuel, probably due to carrying extra ordinance.

Craft Module Unit 3: Upgraded red-colored Craft Module II with higher movement, but lower evasion.

There's also a whole load of Kiwi Berry upgrades, each building upon the last, and each with a silly name... evidently Irem had some fun here.

Cont'd in next post.

User Info: T747J

11 years ago#2
Cran Berry: A red Kiwi Berry that mounts anti-air missile IIs for a harder, further-reaching punch, but is otherwise identical to the Kiwi Berry..
Blue Berry: A blue Kiwi Berry similar to the Cran Berry in mounting antiair-missile IIs, except that it also trades it's vulcan cannon for a barrier like the Strider's, giving it no point-blank defense, but lots of artillery to choose from.
Dark Berry: A black Blue Berry equipped with a Barrier II, with it's speed increased to 3 (which is pretty important, as the thing just sorta inches along as it is).
Berry Berry: The final variant, the silver and purple-canopied TK025 Mounts the Volcano Cannon II, which is tweaked to be a bit more powerful and accurate than the last one. It retains the 3-speed movement of the Dark Berry, but has a vulcan cannon instead of a Barrier II, probably to balance it out a little more.

Ragnarok 2?: I found the data floating around for the Ragnarok 2, as well as the Cyclone Force. They both seemed to deploy and move without glitching, but couldn't combine. I took a look at the stats, and they're identical to those of the Warhead (it can even dock with the Standard Force C...), meaning the Ragnarok 2 that's in the data right now is just a dummy. Similarly, the Cyclone force's stats are dummied out with those of the Standard Force C's.

I don't know if we'll see a Ragnarok 2 in the US release, but it seems plausible, provided that Irem does some debugging first (and they probably will, seeing as there's a bunch of them) - even then, it might be a Boss-only unit appearing alongside the Last Dancers, considering the strength of the Final Wave Cannon. Still, it was grouped in with the playable units right after the Ragnarok, so we can assume that this was it's original upgrade.

Defense Force DX?: Remember this one? Yes, it was the Sleipnir's Force in Final. We can't use it in this game, but a variety of Last Dancer comes equipped with it, as well as Range Wave II.

Bydo Side:

Nozari Assault Lander Type: An icy blue Nozarie that throws away it's Decoy and Regeneration functions for a speed boost that lets it move up to 4 spaces a turn... It's a lot more impressive than it sounds.

Gusternet Subspecies: A green Gusternet that's... quite an improvement, actually. Weapons get an upgrade in power, it gets a Bydo Barrier for blocking missiles, and is generally improved all around. Kind of a shame we didn't get it in the campaign... Oh well, here's hoping for Delta's Gusternet Cocoon next game...

Fine Motion II: A black Fine Motion with purple and blue highlights. Slight increase in HP and fuel, and it equips the Fine Laser II instead, which has been upped in strength and accuracy.

Yokegon Species: ...Wait, what? We didn't even get the normal Yokegon - why would we even want it, it's a water-only Moora! ...Oh fine. More or less what it says on the tin - an ice blue Yokegon that has the same stats as the souped up Moora. Good if you like Yokegons, I guess.

Again, continued in next post...

User Info: T747J

11 years ago#3
Gains Mk-II Custom: It's the return of the 1-turn charge wave cannon! ...Besides that and a sleek new black-and-red paintjob + blue visor, it's the same as the normal Gains MkII. Kind of a shame, I was hoping they would use it's Final version's colors...

Gains Mk-III Custom: So, what can you do to make the game's most lethal melee unit even more terrifying? Why, strap a bunch of rocket boosters to it, of course! This is a Gains Mk III using the Mk-II's additional booster equipment, which allows it to go into a "Boost" mode like the Eclipse. The drawback to this is that while doing so, it's evasion goes down to almost nothing, at a measly 8%~. It's got a bright blue paintjob that makes it look rather heroic, but I think I still preferred the original colors.

Nasr Nasreil: Evidently adding a decoy function to Nasreil wasn't enough to make it playable. It's Bydo Laser has it's range extended to 3, which coupled with it's decoy function, makes it somewhat more appetizing to actually use. A minty dark green in color, but it's still as ugly as before, unfortunately...

Moora Savage Species Type: A purple and red Moora with beefed up HP/Evasion and a less powerful, less accurate Ram attack. Still totally worthless, due to it's size and the fact that it won't be able to get close enough to USE it's powerful ram by inching along at one space a turn. Oh well, at least it's free.

Life Saver III: Another light blue recolor, this Lifesaver has improved movement speed over it's predecessor at 3-to-2, giving us the best of both worlds in transport capacity and speed, but suffers from reduced evasion as a result.

Dobkeratops Jrs?: Again, no, we can't use these things, primarily because as it turns out, their HP, radar-range (7) and 2-turn Dobekegen MAX is on par with that of a full-scale Dobkeratops... It's nice to dream though, right?

Phew, I think that's everything.

Feel free to ask me any questions, since I finished the game about a week ago.

User Info: TornadoADV

11 years ago#4
All I can say is awesome. Glad to see that the EAF didn't let the defeat of the Bydo stifle their need to improve their machines.
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User Info: SubjectNineteen

11 years ago#5
Wow! This is crazy! Now I'm really hoping the game comes over here--complete with it's DLC.

Hell, we may get a 'Special Edition' of sorts that has some of the DL ships included.

Any word on how much the DLC is going for in Nippon?
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User Info: Wing_Phoenix

11 years ago#6
Nothing for GRA or do they get the Earth Craft?
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User Info: T747J

11 years ago#7
The Guarenza Revolutionary Army get the Earth side DLC units.

At the beginning of the game, you choose your character's name, gender, birthplace, favorite color, and if you like, favorite food. Your choices through the storyline log entries (namely deciding your character's reactions to situations, such as choosing whether to treat captives according to war doctrines, or torturing them for information (or giving them very lavish treatment) affect your personality (charted by a 4-way graph in your bio), as well as your relationship with your crew and adjucant - gameplay effects are, for me, unclear.

Both sides get exclusive units for the first third of the game, and join up at the end of the first chapter to confront the Solar Winds Army (radical branch of the revolutionary forces, also notably the terrorists in the tie-in novel to the first game) and the growing threat of the Bydo.

Coalition Army: (Incomplete, I'm nearly through their side, so I'm predicting Hot Conductor and Dominions will be added in short order as well)
Delta, Lady Love
Shooting Star, Morning Star
Grace Note
Albatross -> Cross the Rubicon
Delicatessen -> Wiseman

Revolutionary Forces:
Angrboda -> Jamsaxa
Eclipse Prototype, Eclipse Production Type
Strider, Stayer
Hakusan -> Asanogawa
Future World -> Peace Maker
Tropical Angel
Akyrios -> Neoptlemes
Powered Silence
(Strangely no decoy fighters until almost the end of the second chapter, and even then you get their blueprints all at once... ;.;)

The DLC is all free, and is downloaded like an update through an option on the main menu.

User Info: incinerator950

11 years ago#8
Could you spoil the Bydo side for me?
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User Info: T747J

11 years ago#9

The Bydo get the following new units.

Boldoganka: Boldo's first upgrade. Moves the Caladbolg/Gae Bolg cannon to the bottom front of the craft, increases it's hex shape by 1, and bumps up it's HP. Disappointingly, it's weapons are the exact same in terms of strength compared to the Boldo.

BoldoBoldoGoldo: ...Quite possibly the worst upgrade to a ship in history, it's more than twice the size of the original Boldo - vertically, meaning you can barely deploy this thing in two or three maps max. The range on the Caladbolg III is increased by 1, and it also can carry one more troop. Here's the kicker though - functionally, it's weapons are all the exact same as those on the Boldo in every respect save HP! There's absolutely no reason to take this thing over the Combiler outside of it looking really cool...

Kombilerbera: Aww yeah, Kombiler's upgrade. The good news is, it's freakishly powerful - even moreso than Nibelheim. It's charge cannon can fry a Managarm cruiser in one hit, and has a very wide range comparable to that of a Kerberos' wave cannon. It's missile launcher and beam guns are, as I said, stronger than those on Nibelheim. The bad news is that it's huge - it's like a Kombiler tried to eat a Boldo, and ended up being really freaking fat. It's a case where despite it's power, it's size makes it hard to use due to the amount of fighters you're giving up for it... Still awesome to use though, since your commander from the first Command rides around in one of these.

Bermate Berrel: Probably the best of the Bydo's new ships, its' a slightly larger Bermate with 4 eye-like turrets mounted on the corners, giving it a "flower" like look. Plays like a combination of Bermate's hard-hitting strikes, with the raw firepower spread of the Gridlocks, giving you the best of both worlds - the Subspace Buster II is just icing on the cake.

Bydo System Beta & Gamma
Digitalius I-III (2-turn, short-range, low damage charge shot, Flower force has 3 vision, so it's a good scout with strong force lasers)
Amphibian II-III (Still an incredibly poor fighter with weak force lasers, but has very high evasion)
Sexy Dynamite I and II (Decoy fighter equivalent that deploys a giant blob of J-Zyme with a murderous charge shot that is not only very powerful, but hits in all cardinal directions around it.)
Misty Lady I and II: Jamming-fighter equivalent. Mist Force does the jamming, but unlike other jammers it can be carried around by the Misty Lady, giving it full moblility (can't use it's lasers though, huge shame because they are very, very powerful, if only able to fire downwards.). Can regenerate, and it's three-turn Nitro-spray charge shot is something to be feared due to it's wide spread.
Mad Forest II&III
Gauper 2: Gauper from R-Type III level 2. Bigger, faster, stronger, and with a range-2 shooting attack to boot. Awkward hex shape makes it hard to deploy though.
Pistaf (we can build them now for what it's worth, their move animation is glitched, though)
Meltcraft Jr: (Meltcrafts from Xelf 24. Comparable to the Rebo, in that they're utterly worthless)
Bataran: Walking head-like artillery units from the original R-Type. Like the pistaf, their walking animation is glitched. Weak weapons and slow ground-only movement, but has vision 4, so I guess it's a good scout?
Brims: Suicide craft from R-Type II's aquatic level. Rams stuff and is fairly tough. Moves faster underwater, but will still die in droves.
Bydo Fleshy Mass: Floating spheres of bydo matter that try to assimilate everything they touch, from R-Type III level 2. Functionally the same as a force... but It's worse than a force in every way imaginable, so there's no reason to use it whatsoever.

User Info: T747J

11 years ago#10

The Bydo campaign is shorter in length than the human one by about half the stages, but the difficulty is cranked up much higher. However, despite it's shortness, it has a HUGE amount of foreshadowing for the next game, as well as the introduction of TWO new enemies. It's not sure whether this takes place in the future, present, or even another dimension, but it sure is interesting.

It takes place in a solar system outside of our own, and has the commander (much, much more shattered in thought than the previous one) essentially wandering around, looking for a "light". The enemies you fight for roughly half of the campaign are the "Other Civilzation" - the very one that the Coalition Government were preparing to fight when civil war erupted over use of the Force device. You end up wandering to their homeworld, but decide not to destroy it, and continue wandering until you find something indescribable (even I'm not going to spoil it!).

The Other Civilzation have the following units:
Type 44 Fighter: A sleek, tan, needle-nosed fighter with what looks like lance mounted underneath it, and a bright blue cockpit forming the point in front. Has high movement, lots of fuel, and wide radar range, but no ranged attacks besides it's charged shot, the "Destructive Compression Cannon" (very rough translation), which has a 3-turn charge, but range comparable to a Range Wave. It has a laser gun comparable in strength to the XPS-III laser on the Eclipse (only it has 1 range), and a ram attack (Hard Attack) comparable in strength to a Force's.

Can equip the Type 55 like a Force. When they're united, it fires blasts of similar-looking electricity-stuff colored and functionally similar to those of Force lasers (red, blue, yellow), increasing it's range to two.

Type 55 Fighter: Looks like a turret with a smoothed back head, with two gun-arms pointing forward. Moves faster than a force, and mounts laser cannons similar in strength to the Type 44's. It has a charged shot too, also 3 turns, the "Destructive Compression Cannon Custom/Modified" that travels out two hexes, but forks three both up and down vertically, allowing it to strike a lot of units at once at close range.

If the Type-44 unit bumps into a hidden unit while attached to the 55, it will automatically detach the 55, which will fire it's wave cannon, likely destroying the hidden units.

Trillion Class Cruiser: A cruiser similar to the Vanrgand-series with some notable differences. It's 1 hex less in size, mounts it's wave cannon (fires similar to that of the Future World's) on the bottom front of the ship, and it's bridge is located at the back top of the ship, meaning it can be rammed/close-combat'd to death. Otherwise, it's pretty unremarkable, despite very powerful deck guns.

Kyung (Capital? zomg kanji) Class Battleship: The Other Civilzation's Dreadnought equivalent. It's massive in size, and appears to have interchangeable wave cannons that can be mounted on the front of the ship. It's "Core" is hard to hit due to it's bulk. Comparable in power to the Muspelheim. It's wave cannon is something you never want to be caught in, comparable in strength to Muspelheims, but at about twice the width.

Combined Battleship (all kanji, can't translate this one to save my life): A Kyung class battleship with a massive cannon attached to the front of it, comparable in power and range to Utgarda Loki. To power it, there's a Trillion Class cruiser behind it connected via a set of cables, almost like a Force. This thing is ginormous, and fearsome to behold, reminiscent of Green Inferno. It's charge shot is fearsome, but you should be able to avoid getting nuked by it thanks to subspace scouting and jamming.

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