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User Info: Zauron

8 years ago#1
Thinking about making a guide, so over the last week I've been analyzing the game extensively to figure out exactly how much damage you are doing and what each skill and combo gives you. Since damage numbers are not actually shown anywhere, it was actually quite difficult to figure these numbers out, and I had to have a baseline so I based everything on the assumption that a basic attack does 100 damage (makes things like Deadly Hits still work out to whole numbers) and a full energy bar is 1000 points, because those made the rest of the numbers work out to nice even numbers, so I'm betting its pretty close to what the numbers actually are.

Below is what I have figured out so far - all that is left is the health of the enemies in Challenge Mode and stats on how much damage their attacks do to you (in addition to strategies, which attacks can be countered and how, and other standard guide stuff).

Attack Damage:

Base attack damage - 100
Counter attack damage - 400

All attacks do the same damage in all situations except for doing a counter attack (hitting the enemy just before they hit you). In fact, the only use of doing different attacks is that some boss attacks can only be countered by specific attacks. Once an enemy is stunned though, all attacks do the same thing (besides the special combos of course) and its just for variety.

Its worth noting that which attacks are performed vary based on control scheme - f or example, with Wii Motion Plus you can do uppercuts and overhead swings, but all attacks use the hammer, whereas with classic sideways NES-style, low attacks are kicks, but you can't do uppercuts and overhead swings (outside of the automatic ones in the special combos).

Special combos:

Charge Attack (starting combo):
- 300 damage
- 12 hits
- 330 energy required
- 330 energy lost when used
- 0.9 damage/energy ratio

Aerial Assault (Offense Tree):
Shield Charge (Defense Tree):
Lightning Charge (Magic Tree):
- 150/300/450 damage (for 1/2/3 points in skill)
- 13 hits
- 330 energy required
- 330 energy lost when used
- 0.45/0.9/1.36 damage/energy ratio

Pillar of Fire (Offense Tree):
Lightning Storm (Magic Tree):
- 1000 damage
- 8 hits
- 670 energy required
- 660 energy lost when used
- 1.52 damage/energy ratio

Eclipse (Offense Tree):
Meteor (Offense Tree):
Crystalline Prison (Defense Tree):
Ancient Tornado (Magic Tree):
Rage of the Colossus (Magic Tree):
- 1525 damage
- 8 hits for Meteor and Crystalline Prison, otherwise 9
- 1000 energy required
- 990 energy lost when used
- 1.54 damage/energy ratio

Magic Shield (Defense Tree):
- No damage taken from next undefended enemy attack
- 670 energy required
- 660 energy lost when used

Divine Light (Defense Tree):
- Restores 20%/40%/60% of health (for 1/2/3 points in skill)
- 1000 energy required
- 990 energy lost when used

Yes, surprisingly it is true that all Level 3 combos do the same damage despite the fact that some of them are much further down the tech tree than others. The difference is just visuals and hit count. Also interesting that the first combos you can buy are no better than the starting one until you put all 3 points into one (in fact at 1 point they are actually worse than the starting default combo).

When looking at the damage to energy ratios, the Level 3 combos seem barely worth the effort to get the meter that high. My opinion after this research is that the Pillar of Fire combo is the best one - its damage/energy ratio is almost as good as the Level 3 combos and its one of the shortest animations to sit through.

continued in next post...

User Info: Zauron

8 years ago#2
Energy meter:

1000 max energy
15 energy gained when hit with normal attack
100 energy gained per when counter attack
30 energy lost when hit by an enemy
Level 1 combos require 330 energy and cost 330 energy
Level 2 combos require 670 energy and cost 660 energy
Level 3 combos require 1000 energy and cost 990 energy

Many of the above numbers are affected by skills in the Magic Tree. Also the Magic Tree and Defense Tree offer alternative methods for gaining energy based on % (so 1% energy from the skill description is 10 energy using the above system).

Other stats:

- Player has approximately 2650 health (assuming that Vamipric Swings gives the same health to the player that the attack damage did - and health it gives is definitely related to the amount of damage the attack dealt, so this is a safe assumption).

- Deadly Hits and Critical Strikes give the same average increase to damage output per point spent, but Critical Strikes is based on luck which can be great (especially when it happens from a Counter Attack) but can end up doing less if unlucky. Combining the two actually does very slightly more than just adding the total together, due to the way they interact with each other (5 points in each averages to a 10.25% total increase in damage output).

- Electric Swings (Offense Tree) does 45 damage whenever it activates, regardless of the attack it activates from (normal, counter, or combo). Its damage does not seem to be affected by Critical Strikes or Deadly Hits. This averages out to a total of 2.25% more damage per point spent (max 9%) when using normal attacks, though only 0.5625% per point spent when using counter attacks.

- Fortified Will (Magic Tree) does not do what it claims - it does not reduce the energy lost when hit, it is instead a % chance of not losing any energy when hit. This averages out to about the same thing, but is more dependant on luck than a consistant dependable decrease in energy loss from being hit.

The rest of the skills do what they say and do not require any further explanation - they will modify the above listed damage numbers and energy gain rates and such.

Boss Health (+/- 24 health margin of error):

Tagon - 2575
Horlan the Crusher - 2775
The Sea Witch - 2900
Amit the Charmer - 3350
Gargadon - 3725
Nagano - 3725
Archdevil Malzor - 3925
Ixthid - 3925
Master Yee - 4175
Lord Vensor the 3rd - 4150

And that's it for now! Hope someone out there finds this useful!
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User Info: Zauron

8 years ago#3
Oh, one other thing I found interesting - counter attacks do 400 damage, but if you avoid the attack you can do 5 hits , which is 500 total damage. So it would seem that counter attacks are not worth it because they do less damage per enemy attack and don't increase your "consecutive hits" as much for rank bonuses at the end (assuming that affects your rank). Plus the fact that they are often more risky.

However, counter attacks give 100 energy, whereas 5 hits is only 75 energy, so using counter attacks gets you energy faster (in addition to side benefits specific to counter-attacking from certain skills in the skills tree).

I guess the moral is, counter attacks aren't necessarily greatly superior to just dodge-and-hit, so don't go out of your way to use a counter attack against moves where dodging is much easier, at least until you have higher level combos and good skills that trigger from counter attacks.
www.zauron.net/minebot - fun free game!

User Info: ffl2and3rocks

8 years ago#4
Looks great, I was wondering before if anyone would ever create a guide for this game. Info like this would be perfect.

So it would seem that counter attacks are not worth it because they do less damage per enemy attack and don't increase your "consecutive hits" as much for rank bonuses at the end (assuming that affects your rank).

It doesn't affect your rank.
You get a C if you're knocked down twice, B if you're knocked down once, A if you aren't knocked down, and S if you take no damage.
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