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User Info: DFC_Inc

10 years ago#1
Just downloaded the JPN demo for this but for some reason I can't play it. I have it on my psp and can get to the game mode screen; Gallery Staff Binder ect. But when I choose either Binder or the first one it gives me a yes/no option. No just bring me back to the menu but when I choose yes it gives me some kind of warning( Exclamation mark inside a triangle and some text) then just leads me back to the mode select.

I know its asking me for permission for something but I cannot read the kanji and the following message with the warning goes by to fast to figure out.

I have tried redownloading and installing a few times but no luck. Anyone know how I can solve this problem and try playing the demo?

Well thanks in advance.
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User Info: SieKensou

10 years ago#2
i don't recall there being a demo of the game...are you sure it's tanteihan and not the nanoha extras thing?
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User Info: omiford

10 years ago#3
were did u find the demo.
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