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  3. I JUST GOT MY COPY... link to unboxing pics...

User Info: ActeonEtharius

11 years ago#11
Thanks for taking the pictures, I love the box. I can't think of what I'd do with any of the content apart from the game itself, but awesome to see :)

User Info: japandemoniumpa

11 years ago#12
It's sexy. Can't wait for mine to arrive.
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User Info: Xynz

11 years ago#13
I want the posters LOL.

User Info: Heavenwargod

11 years ago#14
I've been playing a friend's copy so far (funny guy, eh, he bought the Lyrical Box but he doesn't seem too interested in the game), but I'm tempted to get the Lyrical Box for myself despite the hefty price tag.

Just the box alone melts my heart. >_>
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User Info: gitales13

11 years ago#15
You can't even notice? He's so excited about receiving his game that he wants to share it to everyone. PARTICULARLY, who those love MGLN! I also like MGLN and I watched all its 3 seasons, and now getting the game...

User Info: Fencedude

11 years ago#16
Huh...wow, I wasn't expecting this board to be active at all.

Anyway, I just got this today as well, and...damn. I thought the Queen's Blade Spiral Chaos Gekitou Pack was impressive, this puts that to shame.
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User Info: Zero_Blazer

11 years ago#17
Lol, Fencedude's here.

The box was way too expensive. I wanted the bath poster though...=P

User Info: Celtic7Guardian

11 years ago#18
Just got mine. I love the figure to bits. The other content is great too.

User Info: SieKensou

11 years ago#19
finally got my copy today..... order was sent day prior to release yet got it today.... must be customs >.>...
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  3. I JUST GOT MY COPY... link to unboxing pics...
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