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User Info: BilgeXA

11 years ago#1
The magic pen description says that it gives bonuses if you spell "word" words. What the hell does that mean?

User Info: SmokeRulz

11 years ago#2
I assume it means something that has "word" in it. Such as... "Word." or "Words." I haven't tested it yet, though, because just about every other treasure is better.
~ Smoke_Rulz

User Info: skneo

11 years ago#3
i was puzzled by this before

after playing the minigames with the theme "word", then only I realize popcap means words related to 'word' like read, period, tone etc

User Info: jh198

11 years ago#4
I'd figured it meant words like 'noun' or 'verb' but I never tried that

User Info: SmokeRulz

11 years ago#5
It could, ajoh, but there's an entirely seperate Treasure that gives bonus damage for verbs.
~ Smoke_Rulz
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