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  3. Any way to fix Chaudown glitch?

User Info: G_Foo_Chombey

8 years ago#1
Is there something..anything I can do to unlock this achievement with the glitch?
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User Info: graywords

8 years ago#2
I just got Chaudown working after months of it being bugged - but I had to follow the steps listed in another thread on another forum - the link was posted in here somewhere. Unfortunately, it requires starting ALL over with the game, basically. Here's what I did:

1. Deleted all data for Scott Pilgrim on my machine (the game, and another data file that was lurking on my system - it may or may not be there for everyone)
2. Created a free dummy XBL Silver account
3. Logged onto the dummy Silver account and downloaded the Scott Pilgrim demo
4. At the game title screen, logged out of Silver account and onto my main Gold account that needed the achievement
5. Beat the demo, chose "unlock full game" and redownloaded it (it happened instantaneously, since it was already bought on the main account).
6. Played the game. For speed's sake, I used the "Die and gain $50" Konami code cheat, and used the money to pay Scott's late fees and max out stats and levels in Stage 1. I also used the Sword of Love cheat.
7. I played through as Scott first, and made sure to get Mr. Chau before beating Gideon for the first time. For me, this required lots of repeating the end of Stages 3 and 4.
8. I made sure to use my strikers for each character before I beat the game with them, and made sure both Mr. and Mrs. Chau come out. Remember that you can't be holding a weapon, or strikers will not come out.
9. After Scott, I went in order and beat it as Kim, Stiles, and finally Ramona.
10. I waited through the credits after each ending.
11. After unlocking Negascott, I started a game with him and used his striker on the first enemy in Stage 1. Achievement unlocked.

I did not do anything else (no 2-player, or any modes other than the main mode). Difficulty was set to Average Joe, for speed's sake.

I don't know which of these steps matter, and which are unimportant, unfortunately. It definitely worked for me doing it like this, though. I even had the Knives addon loaded when I unlocked it. (Maybe her striker will count for the Mrs. Chau part, if it's giving people trouble? Who knows...)

This method doesn't take as long as it might seem - the Konami $50 code turns what used to be an hours-long grind fest for each character into maybe a 15-minute job.

Hopefully other people will have success with this method if they choose to go at it. If so, let us know. :)

User Info: IzzyV6point9

8 years ago#3
I had to use the method myself, it works, I just got the achievement like ten minutes ago...

User Info: AtmaEpsilon

8 years ago#4
This sounds like the procedure I posted some months ago under "A possible fix for those with Chaudown glitch" or something... It was archived.

User Info: graywords

8 years ago#5
It probably was - I take no claim to discovering this method, only trying it and confirming what worked for me. The method was posted on this board somewhere, and it linked to a thread on xbox360achievements.org that first mentioned this method (as far as I know, of course).

User Info: AtmaEpsilon

8 years ago#6
It is just funny to see the method refined from my hastily prepared version. Also, one person attempted it and claimed that it did not work, but that was pretty much the end of it. Original thread was dead within days, sadly. Again, I reiterate that I am glad to see it working for others to correct those glitches. =)

User Info: roshakubo

8 years ago#7
It sure helped me! Plus gave me the excuse I'd been wanting to finally make an American Live account.
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User Info: shadow838290

8 years ago#8
Yes after a few months of not being able to get that damn glitched achivement I finally got it thanks to this method!
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