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User Info: t3h_great_J

8 years ago#1
I was just curious if anyone else had this glitch. I had beaten stage 1 on easy just because I'm bored, and after beating Matthew Patel, it brought up the KO, EXP, and Money screen, all three were "Undefined". It still made the noise as if counting up but it stayed "Undefined".

I don't really need the money or the exp, I am only curious if anyone else had this glitch. I tried searching but nothing came up.
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User Info: Jelekk

8 years ago#2
I noticed this for the first time yesterday, but didn't think anything of it until I saw your post.

User Info: wwo2000

8 years ago#3
I got that as well when I was going through on Supreme Master, it happened about every other level.

User Info: MastaOOPS

8 years ago#4
I get Undefined every so often.
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