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User Info: s0nlxaftrsh0ck

10 years ago#1
So far i've found quite a lot of references in this game

During the party on the wall is a poster of Anamanaguchi's floating island =3

First level:
Look at the house numbers you have
A _ _ (Entering your name in an arcade)
25! (Note sure..mebbe scotts age?)
3.14159 (Pi)
A crown(? looks familiar to something...)
Triforce (in front of the 3 garbage cans of recycling the middle one is a tri force)
Pac-Man Ghosts
1-Up mushroom
Mechafetus store (Paul Robertson's blog/site)

Fifth Level:
Pink Floyd Posters as well as Anamanaguchi's posters
Dragon's Den is a complete homage to Double Dragon's final lair. Everything about it SCREAMS it

Last level:
Land walkers (look like Opa Opa from Fantasy Zone?)
Little mouse biters (Mousers from TMNT)
The entire level looks like the Technodrome

Post more if you can think of it.
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User Info: Plahnk

10 years ago#2
Scott is 24. And the pause music is definitely a homage to Battletoads. It was the first thing I noticed.


User Info: Hunter Sopko

Hunter Sopko
10 years ago#3
I could SWEAR that's Souji (Persona 4) and Prier (La Pucelle, other N1 games) in the crowds in the Third Level.
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User Info: ActRemix

10 years ago#4
in the park level, while meeting Mobile, the passageway way looks like the inside of the houses in zelda 2.
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User Info: MagnusMKI

10 years ago#5
@ hunter lol I saw that too

As for references, eash stage has a cord in it from a popular game franchise. Example - stage one has the notable Wily cord in it.

The first boss music is, in fact, the boss music from Crash and the Boys. Made the group that came to drink and play last night all the more pumped.

I recognized parts of every stage song, but still have yet to figure them all out.
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User Info: XenoBlades28

10 years ago#6
On the third lvl right after you pass the bar look at the floor where the tile breaks up

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User Info: DSMoe

10 years ago#7
Level 7 you can buy an energy tank which is the megaman tanks.
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User Info: thestevoloco

10 years ago#8
The overworld map is laid out exactly like Super Mario 3

Sometimes turnups appears as items which is another mario reference

Knives kissing Kim for health = Kirby Superstar?

Speedy the Porcupine item = Sonic The hedgehog

When you put in a key that opens the gates it's similar to in zelda games

User Info: ActRemix

10 years ago#9
the character select screen looks like super mario 2's character select screen.
PSN: ActRmx
MGO: Tanzra, Bulleta

User Info: yaratnam

10 years ago#10
Scott's room-clearing move is the Tatsumaki Senpukyaku, a move made popular by Ryu from Street Fighter.

The beginning "ad" where it says "Winners don't eat meat!" is a parody of the "Winners don't do drugs!" ads that were in the English versions of a lot of US versions of arcade games.

There's one boss who does this move where his arm gets all stretchy and grotesque; this one is a double reference: it references a scene from the movie Akira, and also references a move that a character named K9999 has in the King of Fighters games.

I haven't played the full game but these are the ones I know so far.
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