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User Info: jonnyguy

9 years ago#1
When starting, you only able to damage right claw and horn on back (not to confuse with horn on head). Rest of body is invincible.

Destroy to horn on back to remove the invincibility.
1. Normal method: jump on any claw, jump on the back of head, jump attack.
2. With claws, jump directly from front and aerial attack. Or X+A hook on the horn (NOT body), then jump on top of the horn then X-attack.
3. Gunner can X+A aim and shoot it when BQEX is still. Cannoner can X+A shot when position correctly (in front of BQEX, 1-2 player-body-width away).

After invincibility gone, rest is more straight foward. Avoid BQEX attacks, aim for head or jump on top and X-attack or hit the legs to play safe. I like to jump on left claw. Only stomp attack will hit you which can be quickly recovered, rush attack will only hit you after its done running.

RIght Beetle Claw, destroy or not...
Dreaded beetle cannon. Tell-tale sign of firing is opening of right claw. The cannon's arc is surprisingly wide, covering all area in front. For non-risk takers, run ASAP to the side of beetle when you see the claw opening. If hit, quickly touch the medical circle (top right corner of the bottom screen) to instant recover from stun effect. The beetle will fire 2 shots, don't get over zealous and start running towards the claw after seeing the first shot.
Jump on claw and X-attack, or attack it from side as normal. Seems to make no noticable difference.
1. You can leave the claw alone if you are claw-user, gunner or swordman, you can easily run away. Firing claw cannon presents better opening than the beetle dash. Lancer runs fast, but their attacks are slow.
2. Slow movers like scythe and cannon. Its better to remove the claw ASAP. Its difficult to out run beetle cannon for slow movers. Scyther can still keep very close to the beetle but cannoner have trouble attacking effectively. Cannon shot is very slow, tough to target right claw as the BQEX moves and turns.

You will have great respect from me if you can defeat with Beetle with Cannon. Cannon strategy anyone?

Beetle Rush
When the health is low, the BQEX uses run and tackle attack. It will knock and launch whatever in front in air. This attack recovers fast, giving you little opening to attack before another beetle rush.
-Safer and frustrating way is to run away till it stops, then quick attacks on the legs.
-Better way is try jumping on the claw. Its actually easier than it seems.
-Alternatively Clawer can hook then jump on top of BQEX.
-For Team players, lancer X+A attack can bring down BQEX. Scyther X+A hold BQEX in place while teammates focus on attacks.
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