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User Info: jonnyguy

9 years ago#1
Hope everyone will share their experience :-)
Individual boss strategies topic is big enough to start a topic on their own.
I borrow the names from the previous post by Shadow00X.

Lizard (Donguu) -
Basics - use purple element to cause more damage on green elements (on hitting it will show red impact instead of white impact).
If you constantly hit it with X-attack (heavy attack), you may cause purple effect (BQEX monster show purple crystal on its head, top right of the screen will make an annoucement), change to yellow element weapon, use any X attack to cause a chemical-crash.

Alternate - Use BQEX element against itself...use green element heavy attack to cause green effect. Change to white elements (absorbed from its tail) to cause chem-crash.

1. Safer but longer method, hit rear-right-leg. Position yourself so that you wont get swiped by the tail and hit by body shakes. Recommended for any melee or heavy weapon(lance, scythe).
It seems to me the tail swipe sweep to the left of the lizard more.

2. Direct method - hit the head. seems to cause most damage. BUT the Boss may suddenly stand on rear leg to perform stomping area attack. Heavy weapons may have trouble recovering from their attack combo and run away in time.
I tried a high jump (with claw) but still got hit by impact wave. Anyone managed to avoid by jumping?

The tail can be cut off. It only stop the tail-swipe attack.

When you are on the back of the lizard you can press X to perform stabbing move (guess almost everyone knows). Top left of the screen will flash message.

When below the lizard you can also press X to perform upward stabbing move. Similarly top screen will flash a message.

But both moves are vulnerable to lizard-body-shake counter.
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