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User Info: Shadow00X

9 years ago#1
Donguu(Lizard): Jump on and stab, easy enough.
Oni Yoroi(Beetle): Destroy the top horn, but leave the cannon claw, now lure it into firing and make a dash jump for the other claw and start stabbing.
Tsuchi Oni(Yeti): Forget aiming for the head, stick near the foot and just stab at it.
Onsoku(Wolf): Two ways you can go about this. Get a gun or launcher type and keep your distance. OR get a lance and do a jump strong attack and dash stab through and hope for it to flinch so that you have enough time to land and dash away.
Kokegami(Sea Turtle): Break the top shell piece with the right type and then get to stabbing.
Kaiou(Whale): Pack your launchers and guns. Dodge his belly flops and take a few hits to the side spots to unlock the spot in the throat.
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User Info: pichtt

9 years ago#2
How do youbreak the top shell of Kokegami type monster? I normally use cannon type to shoot its head and do nothing else.
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User Info: jonnyguy

9 years ago#3
Glad everyone can share their boss strate. Its interesting to learn alternate ways of fighting BQEXs.

Currently stuck with the flying serpent and Onsoku in world 5. Anyone found any effective way of defeating them?
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