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  3. Literally not sure what to do.

User Info: Yubbus

3 years ago#1
So I was enjoying the game trying it a 2nd time. At the 3rd sector, answered a question and my alignment changed from neutral to law, which is a bit of a pain.

I could go back to my previous save and work to stay in neutral.

Or I could just stock up on law demons and carry on from here. This is the first thing I wanted to do, but somehow it's not going very smoothly.

If I were to switch alignment I really should have gone for chaos at this stage because 3 out of 4 special fusions seem to be chaos.

Or like some people say, the alignment bonus attack is by no means indispensible so I should be able to play the game without dwelling on it just fine, but I'm kind of surviving by it so far.

Just like to hear any kind of advice or tips.
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User Info: Roh_Sparr

3 years ago#2
if by second time you mean new game +, then co-op attacks don't mean much.

but if by that you meant you started a new game, then yes, you should pay attention to the alignment of your party to take advantage of co-op attacks.

i believe there are as many law/neutral/chaos demons in the game.

but as you said, a lot of fusions actually results in chaos type early in the game.

i personnally find the Law path in the game to be the easiest, since the final boss is a complete joke with the right party.
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  2. Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey
  3. Literally not sure what to do.
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