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User Info: Kotenks

9 years ago#1
Very repetitive. If you're not an FMA fan, don't bother. Nobody should really bother buying it.

Story Mode is boring goes to the part where Gluttony absorbs Ling, Ed, and Envy.

I spent all day yesterday unlocking Greed Ling and he doesn't have a story mode meaning I have to use him free battle

Free Battle is alright I guess but you can't do 1 vs. 1 battles. You can do it in story but not here. Really pissed me off as I wanted to have a Greed Ling vs. Bradley battle.

The graphics are alright and I was surprised at the attention to detail. Characters appear more damaged as they take damage which is very cool I must say.

It doesn't look like there will be a sequel using this same engine so I'd say skip this game completely unless you are the biggest FMA fan.

For those looking for a save of the English version, I may upload it if I decide to get all the characters which is looking unlikely
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