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User Info: DarkHeroMind

9 months ago#1
There's an excellent spreadsheet that covers many different aspects of Valkyria Chronicles II, but something that covered R&D upgrading was sorely missing. Until now. This spreadsheet I put together was the results of many months of work, with assistance from InfiniteSheldor.


The purpose of this spreadsheet is to cover all the things necessary for upgrading all weapons and tank parts, especially when making progress toward unlocking the missions "Over in a Flash" and "Escorting Artifacts," and then progress toward the Armament Excellence and Technology Excellence medals. If you want to find stats for the weapons and tank parts, you should best look elsewhere.

Formatting for this spreadsheet follows a vertical and horizontal pattern, with every category separated by tabs. Weapon lines are listed vertically. For horizontal formatting, I listed the cost, the stock part and then the mission where you can find them (for weapons only), materials needed along with maps where they're most likely to drop, and the name of the Ace with the mission where to find them along with the Weapon / Tank Part Plan Number (if an Ace is blocking the weapon / tank part path). If a weapon or tank part line branches from the first line of the category for that tab, that is also listed in the last part.

Anything I highlighted was used to figure out how many weapon and tank parts I needed to unlock the "Over in a Flash" and "Escorting Artifacts."

Figuring out how many weapons I needed to unlock "Over in a Flash" was a tad complicated. I had 450 weapons (or non-tank parts) upgraded by the time I got that mission to show up in the Store. Subtract the Field, Combat, and Blast Suits, which total 60, and that leaves you with 390 parts. Meanwhile you have a group of weapons which I like to call Secondary Weapons. These include Grenades, Flamethrowers, Instruments, Advanced Instruments, and Orchestrals, which comes to a total of 31. Subtract 31 from 390, and that leaves you with 369.

390 = Total Parts w/o Suits
369 = Total Parts w/o Suits and Secondary Weapons

Not counting Secondary Weapons, there are 180 weapons that you can upgrade without stocks or materials, which I will be calling Standard Weapons. Anything where you need weapon stocks and materials will be called Upgradable Weapons.

Let's say that we unlocked all classes and therefore had access to all weapons. You should have 180 Standard Weapons. You would need to get weapon stocks and materials to get 179 Upgradable Weapons for a total of 369.

The test file that I used for figuring stuff out was unable to unlock the Mortar Elite class because of horrible luck with credit drops. That left me with 170 Standard Weapons. I had to get 189 Upgradable Weapons for a total of 369.

Your combined total of Standard and Upgradable Weapons should come to 369. I am going to assume that you purchased all Suits and Secondary Weapons. My margin of error in figuring stuff out was 1 due to possibly miscalculating how many parts I upgraded in R&D.

Figuring out how many tank parts I needed to upgrade in order to unlock "Escorting Artifacts" was much easier.

There are 77 parts you can upgrade without materials, which include 10 Tank Bodies, 10 APC Bodies, 10 A-Armr Turrets, 10 Gatling Turrets, 1 Marking, and 36 Stickers. You need 240 tank parts to unlock the mission. That leaves you with 163 other parts you need to upgrade with materials.

I am running out of space, so I hope you find this spreadsheet helpful!
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User Info: Cremdogz

9 months ago#2
Wow, this is massive, I've never seen so many sheets in a single document before! Thank you so much for sharing this!
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