Rethinking female character design + opening themes in general

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User Info: bobbybeaudoin

10 months ago#1
I'm still playing this game, from time to time. I'm in november now.

Wanted to discuss a bit about aesthetic elements of the game.

When I first played the game, I watched the opening and told to myself again: "Why, do they put another J-pop song along with the cinematic?"
For me, the song instrumentation with pop music are completely out of context with the game era.

You understand that I am not very fond of songs in openings. I prefer from far, instrumental music.
For example, one that I like very much is the US opening of Wild Arms 1 and 2.
I know the japanese version of Wild Arms 2 got lyrics in japanese, but it's turning me off completely.

I was wondering if I am the only who feels this...

The other thing is, the more I play "recent" games, the more the female characters outfits suggest breasts, underwears, nudity, except eyebrows and hair styles.

What I mean by this, is that character design can be very artistically interesting without focusing primarily on genitals and seductive parts of female characters.

It seems like a standard nowadays in videogame industry.

I know the main audience are guys. More and more females play video games too. People like other things than looking at short-skirts and breasts. I believe that there's a lack of respect towards women in general if the usual concept of a female character is made for masturbating purposes. It's very reductive.

I looked at the design art book of VKII and I was deceived to see many pages involving the female characters of the game with picture angles that are kind of perverted.

For me, I feel a lack of taste.
I wish that new productions of video games deconstruct these stereotypes and focus on empowering female characters with a better balance, and not treating them as vulgar objects.

For example, I really love Final Fantasy Tactics art. The Dancer class could have been exagerated. She looks seductive and beautiful in the way she designed and thought.

Maybe it's lost in time now...

You can disagree or agree, I'm curious to know what do you want to share about all this.
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  3. Rethinking female character design + opening themes in general

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