Thoughts in fall season

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User Info: bobbybeaudoin

1 year ago#1
Just writing a little something so the board could feel a little bit more alive!

I am playing this game since a month already, maybe a bit more.

I recently read somewhere that the composer of the soundtrack is the same person that co-composed "Final Fantasy

I am currently in the autumn season, in october and I really enjoy the tune that plays in the background when you are on campus. This part of the game is much more interesting than in the beggining too, I think!

The story is a bit more serious there.

I try to enjoy the 'new' generation of PSP games and I am happy to try some of them, but I think often that the stories of RPG are played by very light-hearted kids-like characters. I feel that it is not so deep, compared to PS1 games or even SNES games.
I don't know, it depends, but I still enjoy playing portable even if the screen is small.
I just don't want to have a television again or a big computer with a big screen...

That's it!

User Info: Metrokidd

1 year ago#2
Yeah the composer is a real whizz. He really knows what he's doing.

I think this game sounds most like Final Fantasy XII. Some of the music is so similar that it could switch between games with no problem.

Big fan of VC2 & VC3

User Info: bobbybeaudoin

1 year ago#3
I should give an ear to FFXII!

If I finish VC2, I might try VC3 after.
I just don't want to jump too fast from one to another game, it's better reach the end at least.
But I see on the board that VC2 has a big post-game potential.

I'll see...
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