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User Info: DarkHeroMind

1 year ago#1
I've always been disappointed that nobody has written a guide covering the massive postgame for VC2. There are a lot of different ways in which it can be tackled, but I want to do my own take on it.

This is a thread for me to explore my own ideas and anyone can help out here! I'll be updating this thread often, and it may take me a while to reply to other people, but I will be around!

I want to figure out how to get through all missions in this game, including DLC, while grinding as least as possible.

How do I want to tackle unlocking 50% of the weapon and tank R&D? I want to figure out which enemy aces I should kill to unlock different weapons, and then figure out which missions would be the most efficient for getting weapon parts. The game doesn't tell you how much progress you've made in R&D, but I have a save where I upgraded just above 50% for both weapons and tanks.

This will take me some time to figure out, but I'll keep posting my progress.

User Info: AlekTrev006

1 year ago#2
Thank you Dark Hero ! Your work and efforts in all respects have been great to see and discuss about / learn from along the way :-)

User Info: Metrokidd

1 year ago#3
I'm currently playing (obsessed) with this game at the moment :-)

I was aware there is something to follow in post game, but I have no idea what to expect. I was just gonna move on to VC3.

Would you mind saying a few bullet points on what opens up after December???


User Info: DarkHeroMind

1 year ago#4
Sorry for the late reply, been busy with a lot of things.

So Metrokidd, I throw together a few bullet points.

-You'll be able to take on the 3-star missions. These are the true challenge that the game has to offer and will push you to your limits. The DLC ramps up this difficulty.
-Two new classmate missions will open up.
-A bunch of paid missions. You will want to look up some threads on how to unlock them while I work on the postgame guide.
-Tons of stuff in R&D. It's going to be crazy.
-The ability to go back to all Story Missions and replay them.
-Missions designed to give you specific credit drops.
-Stupidly broken weapons available as drops from the DLC missions.

The weapons that drop from this mission are stupidly broken like the Cptd AA Gtlg A1 that you get from either Defensive Exam or Storming the Bridge in March. Even though these weapons may break the game in some form or another, you still have the the game to deal with. It will just help make the postgame much more consistent for you.

I recommend picking some weapons to upgrade, repeat those missions while switching up classmates to unlock their missions. The idea here is that you want to do everyone's missions, then do Lavinia's mission since that was intended to be done last. This will unlock Tank Mastery for Lavinia, which doubles her attack power, gives you the best accuracy possible, and activates just about every time.

AlexTrev006, I'm really glad I have had someone to discuss this game with for the last few months, and thank you! :>

I put together a spreadsheet to fill out the R&D upgrades.

I'm trying to put together all the information needed to upgrade weapons in one place. I want to list the missions where certain weapon stocks can be found, recommended missions to find specific kinds of materials, and which missions have the Aces needed to unlock parts of the R&D table. These are more often than not found in different missions, so I'm trying to connect the dots here.

I listed average mission time to give myself a good idea of how long it takes to do each mission. I know it can be very time consuming to do some of these missions, but I do them with the enemy phase speed set to instant.

Anyone can help out with the spreadsheet! I always won't have time to work on this, so it's open for anyone to edit.

User Info: InfiniteSheldor

1 year ago#5
Hey all. I'm InfiniteSheldor, I'm a HUGE fan of the game, and have been for pretty much 4 years.

This spreadsheet was designed with the idea of an "All Missions" concept speedrun in mind, which involves completing all 197 standard missions, 22 DLC missions and the two Phantasy Star Portable 2 missions. As you can probably tell, this will take a long time to do, and thus we decided to make a spreadsheet on R&D weapons to help us work out when to get what weapon, etc., though it's now open for public use as it would take us too long to do by ourselves.

I've been spending lots of time on it each session (about 2-3 hours), and I am working on it whenever I can. This is a lengthy task for just me and DarkHeroMind to work on, so once again, any help is appreciated.

User Info: DarkHeroMind

1 year ago#6
I just now came across a page listing all the weapon parts and missions on where to find them.

I wish I had this when doing initial work back in October.

For now, I'm focusing on which missions to choose to get weapon parts. I listed some of them once just because they need to be done anyway to complete all 197 missions. I'm mostly familiar with the non-DLC 1-star and 2-star missions and the Classmate missions. I will have to figure out the 3-star and DLC 1-star and 2-star missions at a later time. I generally avoid kill all enemies missions unless I absolutely have to do them.

I updated the Rifle parts tab on the spreadsheet.

This will take me a while, but having this wiki page available should make things happen much faster.

User Info: DarkHeroMind

1 year ago#7
I'll be writing out strats for different missions as I work on the guide as a whole.

This is what I have for Doerfein Clash. I recommend using this mission to farm Sniper Scope D.


2 Scout Elites
Light Tank B with Cptd AA Gtlg A1 / Lavina unlocked Tank Mastery


Tank in 4E
Zeri in 4F
Helmut in 4G
Avan in 4H


Retreat Avan.

Get your tank to destroy both cannon Towers in Area 4. Kill the Heavy Gunners guarding the camp. Destroy anything else. Get your scout not named Avan to the northeast camp to capture it.

Deploy Avan in Area 2, run to the mine cart, ride it to Area 5.

End turn.

Defense Boost on Avan.


User Info: DarkHeroMind

1 year ago#8
I filled out the weapon stocks and the recommended places to find them on the spreadsheet. Next I will work on weapon plans, the enemy Aces that have them, and where to find these Aces. Once I figure that out, I should have a very good idea for how to go about completing 50% of the Infantry R&D to unlock Over in a Flash.

After that, I will figure out the best places to quickly get your units upgraded to third tier classes.

Once I do all of that, I'm probably making a new file to see how much faster I can get through everything.

User Info: Metrokidd

1 year ago#9
DarkHeroMind - Thanks in advance for the effort your going to out into a postgame FAQ! :-) I'll be watching out for it.

I've finished the main story and i've decided that I don't want to leave Lanseal just yet and play VC3, so I'm going to do all the extra stuff sporadically, alongside playing something "current gen".

I've been using the Aces guide from IanGriggSpall which has some postgame references. I'm trying to work out how to unlock the 3 star missions now. I did two extra ones for January, but nothing else has unlocked except the ones that the store clerk dude sells. From what I learned looking at the aces guide, there are two postgame EX missions for each month, then December has 4 EX missions. How do they get unlocked?


User Info: Metrokidd

1 year ago#10
Just worked out how to unlock the next set of missions, I needed to select "next month" in Avan's room!

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