Mellvere EX DLC mission - 1 Turn Extremely Easy Win

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User Info: AlekTrev006

1 year ago#1 in the guide (FAQ) on here, as well as in other comments people have made on how to get through this single map mission, featuring Avan, Zeri, and Cosette (only).... they lay out a series of maneuvers, careful steps, etc - maybe using Cosette Medic to revive a gunned down Zeri, etc....

However...there is an absurdly easy way to do this mission, that essentially guarantees a 1-turn victory, and a massive reward of over 250,000 EXP (if you A-rank it).


Avan - not really needed, unless you want to take out the Ace, Horry the Flash, to obtain the Eberouge, ultimate Fencer Elite greatsword. (well, he's needed to be on the field, but I mean you don't actually have to move him at all, unless you are going for the Ace / drop)

Zeri - Commando (required) - Zeri is the key to destroying the 3 Cannon Towers on this map, as his Flamethrower attachment will instant kill them, when aimed at their base, from close range. I make him my 2nd Leader (for 1 more CP), as he's much more durable than Cosette. I believe you can get a second Leader assignment, late in the game (or post game), so you can have her be the third Leader, if that's the case.

Cosette - largely irrelevant what you have her as. I guess you could Anthem Buff Zeri, but she's just as well as a healing Engineer / Medic for helping out Zeri (but he shouldn't need it really).


My guys were all Level-28 when I tried this for the first time.

Start battle.

You will notice the map gives you a very generous amount of CP, considering you only have 3 units on the field. Immediately select ORDERS - Defense Boost - and target Zeri with the ability. This will cost 4 CP's.

Zeri is now more or less immune to even the concentrated interception fire of the towers, and the Shocktroopers on the ground, between his starting point and the enemy camp. Rush out to the right and charge the first Tower. Flame it ! You should have only lost 30-40 HP (from over 280 max HP, on him).

Use another command point and blast the nearby Shocktrooper, to kill him off (he's a leader) for more end of mission XP, if you want (not required).

Otherwise move around the wagon you'll be near, and rush at the enemy base camp. Use one more CP to close and crouch at the sandbags around the base - use your attack to kill the enemy (usually a Lancer, I think) in the base itself.

Use one more CP and stand Zeri up, then walk 3 or 4 steps to the other side of the flag zone, and use the flamethrower on the Cannon Tower there.

If you have range, move back and cap the flag. Otherwise, use another CP and activate Zeri again, and just walk back a few steps, and claim victory that way !

(Optional - you should still have 2-3 CP left, after Zeri is in position to cap the enemy base camp, with all defenders and towers nearby wiped out. At this point, you might as well go for Horry, the Ace. Activate Avan (as Fencer Elite) and move to the left, and up - Horry is to the left of the alley, as you emerge into the courtyard. 2 hits will down him the basic 400-STR Percival Swords you should have at that point, or 1 - if you've already gotten an Eberouge blade to drop from him earlier.

Kill him off with 2-3 swings from Avan, then use the final CP to have Zeri capture the flag, ending the fight and getting you the full A-Rank bonus of XP and cash !


Easy !

Summary; Zeri + Commando Class Flamethrower + Defense Boost Order = easy 1 turn of this mission !
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