How to get oscar?

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User Info: iloverpg77

1 year ago#1
Im on Postgame now.How can i unlock Oscar?

User Info: AlekTrev006

1 year ago#2
Hey ilover ! I browsed through the forum and found this on the cheats page (near the very bottom):

"Oscar BielertComplete 121 missions in total."

So that's it ...basically, just keep playing and doing all Classmate, Free, Paid, etc missions and he'll eventually unlock when you've done 121 total. I'm not sure if it counts each mission separately (possibly) or if it just needs you do do a Grand Total of 121 missions (so you could maybe play Marching Exercise or such over and over again, to rack up competed mission numbers)

User Info: iloverpg77

1 year ago#3
Hello Alek

Thank you!
I hope this works.

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