Diploma for Avan?

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User Info: iloverpg77

1 year ago#1
I tried to get Duplima for Avan because i want to change his class to scout elite.
I did the august mission Killer Assault a couple times and i got diploma for other characters but not for Avan.
Even if i used only Avan he just get Attk credits its annoying.

User Info: AlekTrev006

1 year ago#2
Just bad luck man - it's somewhat random. If you get the DLC missions, there is one that is a guaranteed of Diploma or Certificate (or, more often, a mix of both). That's the only possible credit rewards from it, so it's the cure to all the annoyance of trying to get them that you normally suffer through :-)

User Info: iloverpg77

1 year ago#3
Okay thank you
But its weired because other characters like Marion they got some diploma on the same mission.
I dont want to buy the Dlc.

User Info: AlekTrev006

1 year ago#4
The DLC is pretty amazing - just telling you. It's extremely cheap - 10$ - maybe less ? I forget - but it's less than the cost of a small pizza, or about the price of a Big Mac Value Meal from McD's ! :-)

You get something like 15 missions - a lot of them pretty challenging and fun, and access to some ridiculously good special weapons.


That aside, it's just random - one trick you can do is have only 3 or so guys running the mission, and "eventually" one of those 3 that you actually wanted to, will get the Diploma :-)

User Info: iloverpg77

1 year ago#5
Hmm I see.
Anyway ,i got 2 Diplomas for Avan ;-)
But now i need some other credits.
It really sucks.Spending so mch time just for credits and exp.

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