Hitoshi Sakimoto scoring VC2

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User Info: Winterglaive

8 years ago#1

Also, his score to the VC anime will be released Sept. 30.
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User Info: TemjinZero

8 years ago#2
This is awesome. I'm expecting more awesome music. :D

User Info: MJEmirzian

8 years ago#3
I still don't think he's ever topped Vagrant Story as far as soundtracks go. Gradius V is really good though.
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User Info: swiftest

8 years ago#4
Great news. I've yet to pick up the game soundtrack, so will need to do so at some point. I doubt the west will get the anime soundtrack, but I do like the new compositions....
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User Info: Davi_Neos

8 years ago#5
Excellent news, I love his repertoire for VC.
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User Info: Hanzoadam

8 years ago#6


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  3. Hitoshi Sakimoto scoring VC2

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