Obligatory "What about Vyse and Aika" thread.

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  3. Obligatory "What about Vyse and Aika" thread.

User Info: Haguile

8 years ago#1
You know there had to be one at some point. So, you guys think they are going to be on the game?
Part of me wants to believe that the two people on the far left are Vyse and Aika.

User Info: TheLastAvatar05

8 years ago#2
Probably within a cameo role and nothing else.
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User Info: funsohng

8 years ago#3
hopse so, but according to their personnel tab, they left Gallia after the war....
idk, maybe they might come out, but we will have to wait and see.

oh and putting some sakura taisen cameos would be great too

User Info: OtakuTom

8 years ago#4
I'd love some ST cameos (maybe they could be around seeing the troops to increase their morale) but I'd be happy with some more Vyse and Aika. It'd be nice if they had some cameos from the old cast as well ^_^
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User Info: megainferno

8 years ago#5
How about as a cameo we see Welkin and Alicia's village being attacked (again poor Bruhl or whatever)
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  3. Obligatory "What about Vyse and Aika" thread.

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