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  3. Why is this game so bad?

User Info: Reb_Hot

10 years ago#1

Just wondering, why is this game so bad?

User Info: sir_adam

10 years ago#2
play the demo, i thought it was a PS/n64 port for XBL. Its so dated

User Info: Master_Pantz

10 years ago#3
its actually a good game
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User Info: EnviroBdamned

9 years ago#4
It's not bad you're just a jaded little nerd.

try to look at my above comment subjectively, for a unknown developer that makes card and casino games to try something so ambitious without EA or Ubisoft pumping money into them, the game is pretty good.
And it tries some thing different that most FPS out there.

just because it doesn't look as good as Crysis and play like Halo it doesn't make it "so bad"

User Info: EnviroBdamned

9 years ago#5
Oh and by the way it looks pretty damn good on a decent PC...kinda makes you wonder how "next gen" the 360 is huh?

User Info: Nixdorf8

9 years ago#6
Let me explain how much your statement is wrong.

1. All games are pretty much better on the pc unless a company destroys it on purpose (MW2)
2. Yeah it runs better, on a decent pc, which is more next-gen than the 360,
3. The 360 came out 4 years ago.
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User Info: EnviroBdamned

9 years ago#7
wow from what you just "explained" there was nothing wrong with my statement...
yes it looks better on a decent pc? correct
most games look better on a pc? correct

on the other hand your statement was wrong.

most if not all games HAVE to be dumbed down to be ported for 360.

a "decent" PC can be 4 years old and still games will look better than on 360.

but regardless i was just ribbing the O.P for his this game sux cuz iz not nex gen like statement.
can't we just enjoy a game for what it is instead of bashing it for what it's not?

And i got nothing against the 360, i think it's a pretty amazing little box for what it is.
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