How the hell did Ieyasu *Spoilers*

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User Info: MCDotKnightRise

6 years ago#1
...Manage to kill Hideyoshi Toyotomi on his own??? (On a side note that stare down/fight intro between was very HnK Kenshiro/Raoh-ish). I mean the guy can send people/waves of arrows flying/clear the sky by throwing his arm up with a wave of his hand, not to mention all the **** he did in SB season 2 (Send an army's wave of arrows flying back, Part the Seto sea with one punch, Attacking Motochika's ship with a flying rockwall just by throwing an uppercut, Destroy a castle with one punch aimed at Date). He must have had some serious help from Tadakatsu.
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User Info: gamestop27

6 years ago#2
Ieyasu had some very sturdy plot armor.

User Info: DayWithoutGames

6 years ago#3
Some reasons why ieya**** aka lord crappy can put Hideyoshi in face-down position ( yugioh children card game lol ) :

- Throwing sands to Hideyoshi 's eyes .

- Hiding poisonous thorns in his fists .

- Kicking Hideyoshi 's **** lol .

- Having Tadakatsu shoots Hideyoshi from behind .

- After many years , Hideyoshi becomes old and weak so crappy thinks the time is ripe to take over his adopted father 's country .
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User Info: KazeKoichi

6 years ago#4
gamestop27 posted...
Ieyasu had some very sturdy plot armor.

You won.
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User Info: AlgusBlight

6 years ago#5
Because Ieyasu formed a Bond, which gave him licence to kill.
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  3. How the hell did Ieyasu *Spoilers*

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