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User Info: evolutionkin

6 years ago#1
they should rly start making this option
doesn't anybody wan tat?
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User Info: Azure164

6 years ago#2
I'd prefer if they just added more characters... the list seems pretty small to me. From Devil Kings, I can't believe Reaper isn't playable in this one either -_- and they seemed to have taken out playable characters from the first one. WHY.

User Info: fedor-machine

6 years ago#3
i would like that idea, Koei and Omega Force can do it, Capcom should be able to do it, they did it for Monster Hunter series, why not for Sengoku series as well?
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User Info: chaoscontrol325

6 years ago#4
Actually, the studio were working on giving each character a unique deal to make them stick out from other characters. In precious games, sure, the characters weren't clones of each other but they were still basically the same. For this game, they wanted something better. However, the game was rushed out by CAPCOM before they finished renewing all the characters. All the characters you face that were in previous installments still has their old moves and tricks and the studio didn't want just a few characters to stick out with their new playstyle, so they made the unfinished characters unplayable so people wouldn't notice.
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