An alternate tip for weapon farming

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  3. An alternate tip for weapon farming

User Info: Flamewheelz

6 years ago#1
Requirements: 2 controllers and that Hero gauge pancake. 6 of those gold LUCK accessories (not sure if they actually work but I got weapons much faster than equipping 2)

Stage Sand area (Gassa-w/e)

have 1 controller be the character you farm for. and the other being shimazu... (you know where this is going yet?)
have both of them equip the luck accessories but leave a spot for a Hero gauge MAX accessory (unless you can land Shimazu's OnehitKO in time)

not sure if ppl have done this but I used shimazu to land his onehitKO move on that pink dude on the first encounter, leaving him with low hp when he flees.
switch to the character you're farming for and finish the job..

found this better than that WorkHorse trick since I suck and also it allows you to have 6 LUCk accessories, 11 if you count shimazu but not sure if that even counts into the weapon. Also workhorse has a 30 second limit so sometimes i wont make it in time to do much dmg >.>

almost done with this game, and had finally finished that ally crap :) just 2 more weapons togo and max these characters up

hopefully I aint the only one still playing this ^.-
PSNID: Azuran17

User Info: shinkusanagi

6 years ago#2
Thanks for that tip. i'll try it when i get home from work today. And to answer your other question i haven't played this game for a couple of weeks now. i only got like 46% of the trophies so far.
twitter: DarkKyo101
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  3. An alternate tip for weapon farming

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