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User Info: Richterdgf

8 years ago#111
I got the 10,000 hit combo with Tadakatsu in Mount Osore.

Equip the Jewelry set (+2 hit count when all 3 gauges are full) then just spam Lightning Mode on a group of enemies. Make sure that you don't destroy the Restorative Incense and they'll just keep getting back up. I got to 25,000 hits with this method with no real effort.
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User Info: Shaded_Phoenix

8 years ago#112

From: rodwipeisdead | #110
Which character is best for a 10000 hit combo?

*shrug* Magoichi Saica's machine gun gives lots of hits. There's also Sekigahara Intrusion - any character who can maintain Hero Time by killing enough enemies fast enough can get to 99,999+ hits. I did it with Nobunaga, with the Hero Time boosting accessory (+1 second per 5 kills). On easy, admittedly, but I was only there for the money.

User Info: monkeybug

8 years ago#113
I've been through Sekigahara -Intrusion a few times leveling the characters and the ones I've found to be beasts are Tadakatsu, Yoshitsugu and Oichi oddly enough. But it helps having the Rear Line leveling set-up on since you gain Hero time when you use an Ultimate Basara ( the gauge doesn't go down, but the kills still add to it). Most of the characters can make the 10k hit requirement because of that since the combo also stays in place during Hero Time. Although I did just get a 50k combo count with Magoichi when I was finishing her leveling up.
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User Info: Freeman_Zero

8 years ago#114
Eh, I just did Keiji's R1 attack over and over in Intrusion and got the trophy =P

So does playing in Story mode give you a better chance at leveling up a weapon and/or getting weapons? I don't seem to be getting a lot of Ups for my weapons when I'm playing with Kotaro in Quick Battles on Normal nor am I getting his last A weapon from Normal mode.

User Info: StewiesTwin

8 years ago#115
Another question:

What accessory or stage do you need to play on in order to get the "Gourmet Shogun" trophy; finish a battle after eating 25 rice balls?

I assume that it must be a combination of stage and kill count.

All opinions, suggestions, and advice are welcome.

User Info: sunzi

8 years ago#116
Sekigahara Intrusion is hands down the easiest. Just kill 2500 - (number found x 100) mooks and there's your trophy. It's best not to kill Gyoubu and Hondam beforehand though since the spawn rates seem to drop off after they're dead.
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User Info: ace1279

8 years ago#117
Masamunes path to oda I want to know what battles to do in order to get to oda because i have already beat oda with oichi.

User Info: sunzi

8 years ago#118
Take his Red route. A Kanegasaki stage will appear alongside his Sekigahara stage. Take that, beat it, then you'll go to Honno-ji.
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User Info: Darketernal777

8 years ago#119
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: Darketernal777

8 years ago#120
Not sure if anyone knows this, but Masamune's permanent six claws mode can be turned off and on at will by equipping his super "six claws" while having the 4 chief of oshu PIs on him. This way, you can turtle when the enemies start their supers or otherwise start comboing you and then you can turn on the hurt when they use up their super.

Basically, being able to switch between now permanent attack and defense modes. Hope this helps.
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