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User Info: kratitos

8 years ago#101
^ For the 2nd one:

Use Mitsunari, he's way too awesome that you can pretty much own a stage with just normal skills.
(He's a beast with skill-chaining, you don't even need to use normal attacks with him.)

User Info: El_Caracol

8 years ago#102
I tried equipping the "hit your allies" set during a co-op session in attempt to create a pseudo vs. mode, but no dice.

Is there no way to fight against your friend in battle?

User Info: TheOriginalMax

8 years ago#103
^I tried it too... Sucks it didn't work =/
But no, I don't think there is.
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User Info: El_Caracol

8 years ago#104
What's a good stage to test out accessories for optimization? I've been using Sekigahara-Ultimate on hard.

The stage isn't too large, lots of bosses, lightning bolts, riflemen, and you get to fight Tadakatsu (in EM mode?). Downside: lots of cutscenes in the beginning.

I was also wondering what accessories you guys usually use. I've been having a lot of fun since I got High risk High return. Characters like Mitsunari and Date benefit phenomenally with it equipped, especially Date with Six-claws.

Here are some of my accessory sets for characters who I like to use:
5th tier A weapon; High risk High return, Tiger hide (oddly enough), then 4 Gold Lions.
Hard Head super, Keiji as ally

4th tier B weapon; same setup as Ieyasu
Criminal smasher super, Kotaro as ally

4th tier A weapon; High risk High return, Gold Sakura, then 4 Gold dragons
Extermination super, Oichi as ally
5th tier A weapon; High risk High return, 5 Gold dragons
Decap. super, Mastu as ally

As you can see, the setups are pretty dull as I'll just max out attack. With the way I play as Ieyasu and Kanbe, they're bound to get hit so I give them the Tiger hide so instead of 3x damage, they get 2.25x or so. I guess with Keiji as an ally, Ieyasu gets 1.8x damage. With Mitsunari, I don't get hit nearly as much as the other two mentioned above and I exploit the nature of the shadow element to keep his health up.

I know there are stage specific setups like in Sekigahara-Intrusion, I'll equip the 5th tier B weapon with the item that gives you more hero time per kill and the item that keeps the combo counter on screen longer. Then theres Last Stand where I equip the Lute and the item which does 3x damage to large soldiers.

So what do you guys/gals usually equip?

P.S. Please include a couple reasons why you like your setups.

User Info: Learii

8 years ago#105
Q: Well, how do I unlock that map?
A: Kanbei - Red, Keiji - Green (take his blue route), Yoshihiro - Blue, Nobunaga - Blue. Kanbei, Keiji, and Nobunaga can unlock the stage on their first playthrough.

what map? there no expaintion so how i know what map is it?
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User Info: sunzi

8 years ago#106
Judging by that combination of characters and routes... That would be Sekigahara - Intrusion. Should probably also add that Yoshihiro - Green also unlocks it, even though it's not his last stage.
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User Info: Richterdgf

8 years ago#107
Since the Mini Help Topic didn't get stickied as so many people requested (GG GFaqs) I thought I'd reproduce the information here.

Bodyguard/Allies Unlocking + Abilities Guide:

Skill/Special Arts Guide +:

Weapons Guide:

Mini Translation Guide (Useful for those getting the/ Only have the JP version)

All credit for the above links to BadassStallion4
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User Info: Richterdgf

8 years ago#108
Character specific route/stage bodyguard unlocking info:

Asakura Yoshikage - Red/Kanegasaki (Bitter Dream)
Yoshikawa Motoharu - Red/Itsukushima
Katou Danzou - Blue/Kawanakajima
Haga Takatsugu - Blue/Kannagawa
Mouri Motonari - Blue/Clear Route

Isono Kazumasa - Red/Kanegasaki (Retreat)
Suzuki Shigekane - Red/Saika Base
Date Masamune - Red/Oushuu
Pitcher Hirano - Blue/Hetsugigawa (Memories)
Yamagata Masakage - Blue/Osaka Summer (Red)
Anegakoji Koretsuna - Blue/Kaerikumo
Kouno Michinao - Purple/Noshima (Ocean)
Shimazu Iehisa - Green/Mimigawa

Amago Haruhisa - Red/Gassan-Toda
Kobayakawa Hideaki - Red/Clear Route
Shimura Akiyasu - Blue/Hasedou
Date Shigezane - Blue/Oushuu

Uchigashima Ujino - Red/Kaerikumo
Oniniwa Yoshinao - Red/Oushuu
Ankokuji Ekei - Blue/Itsukushima
Otani Yoshitsugu - Blue/Osaka Winter
Kuroda Nagamasa - Blue/Ishigakibara
Kurushima Michifusa - Green/Noshima (Ocean)Nanbu Harumasa - Green/Osorezan
Shibata Katsuie - Purple/Clear Route

Ii Naomasa - Red/Mikatagahara
Kirigakure Saizou - Red/Ueda (Flood)
Tsuruhime - Red/Noshima (Ocean)
Sanada Yukimura - Blue/Osaka Summer (Red)
Sarutobi Sasuke - Blue/Osaka Summer (Red)
Hattori Hanzou - Blue/Mikatagahara
Yamanaka Shikanosuke - Blue/Gassan-Toda

Gotou Matabei- Red/Ishigakibara
Kita Nobuchika - Blue/Osorezan
Tokugawa Ieyasu - Blue/Clear Route
Hojo Tsunashige - Blue/Odawara
Ishida Mitsunari - Green/Osaka Winter
Moniwa Tsunamoto - Green/Ueda (Dragon)

Tiger - Red/Kannagawa
Inaba Masanari - Blue/Ujou
Satake Yoshimasa - Blue/Saika Base
Shimazu Yoshihiro - Brown/Mimigawa

Uesugi Kenshin - Red/Kawanakajima
Utsunomiya Hirotsuna - Red/Kannagawa
Ukita Hideie - Blue/Osaka Winter
Kira Chikasada - Blue/Nakatomigawa
Kobayakawa Takakage - Blue/Itsukushima
Shimazu Toshihisa - Blue/Mimigawa
Gamou Ujisato - Honnouji/Clear Route

Fuuma Kotarou - Red/Mikatagahara
Oichi - Red/Kanegasaki (Bitter Dream)
Kasuga - Blue/Kawanakajima
Catcher Moriguchi - Blue/Hetsugigawa (Memories)
Todo Takatora - Blue/Mikatagahara
Hiraoka Yorikatsu - Blue/Ujou
Hojo Ujinao - Blue/Odawara

Oono Naoshige - Red/Noshima (Ocean)
Fukudome Chikamasa - Red (bottom part)/Nakatomigawa
Oota Sukemasa - Blue/Kubota
Shioya Akisada - Blue/Kaerikumo
Yamamoto Kansuke - Green/Ueda (Flood)
Onikojima Yatarou - Green/Kawanakajima
Hojo Ujimasa - Green/Clear Route

Chousokabe Motochika - Red/Nakatomigawa
Ootomo Sorin - Blue/Hetsugigawa (3 Heroes)
Satake Yoshishige - Blue/Kubota
Naoe Kanetsugu - Blue/Kawanakajima
Haga Takasada - Blue/Kannagawa
Murai Nagayori - Blue/Tedorigawa
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User Info: Richterdgf

8 years ago#109
Sakenobu Hidetsuna - Red/Hasedou
Katakura Kojurou - Red/Clear Route
Ohafuri Yasukatsu - Blue/Noshima (Ocean)
Saika Magaroku - Blue/Saika Base
Makabe Ujimoto - Purple/Kubota
Mogami Yoshiaki - Green or Purple/Hasedou

Okumura Nagatomi - Red/Tedorigawa
Maeda Keiji - Red/Kawanakajima
Chousokabe Nobuchika - Blue/Nakatomigawa
Niiro Tadamoto - Blue/Mimigawa

Gamou Yorisato - Red/Osaka Winter
Shimizu Muneharu - Red/Itsukushima
Suzuki Shigetomo - Red/Saika Base
Hojo Nagatsuna - Blue/Odawara
Tani Tadasumi - Brown/Noshima (Pirates)
Honda Tadakatsu - Brown/Mikatagahara
Feather Chubu - Green/Hetsugigawa (Memories)
Kuroda Kanbei - Green/Clear Route
Tachibana Muneshige - Green/Clear Route

Sakai Tadatsugu - Red/Mikatagahara
Fairy Mutou - Red or Purple/Hetsugigawa (Memories)
Maeda Toshiie - Blue/Clear Route
Matsu - Blue/Clear Route
Yokoji Hyogonosuke - Purple/Gassan-Toda
Shima Sakon - Purple/Osaka Winter
Saika Magoichi - Green/Clear Route

Mai Hyogo - Red/Osaka Winter
Tenkai - Red/Clear Route
Kunohe Masazane - Blue/Osorezan
Fukubara Sadatoshi - Green/Itsukushima

Oda Nobunaga - Unlock all other bodyguards

Thanks to Shadowed Pheonix for posting the bodyguard unlock info in the other topic that got archived.
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User Info: rodwipeisdead

8 years ago#110
Which character is best for a 10000 hit combo?
What are all these knobs for?
To put their hands in the air.
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