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User Info: titogilberto

8 years ago#71
ok i am very lost hear, this whole topic really interests me but i have no idea what its all about lol..
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User Info: mildare_el_rayo

8 years ago#72
This is incredible. Have all the tracks been tested yet?
I have been forced to do this

User Info: mildare_el_rayo

8 years ago#73
check this one out


it looks like a strand of DNA...
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User Info: Zomba13

8 years ago#74

From: mildare_el_rayo | #073
check this one out


it looks like a strand of DNA...

It's a footprint on the moon.

User Info: mentil

8 years ago#75
No huge revelations here, although I did notice quite a few things, looking through the data.

'Progress' is almost certainly supposed to represent either P or W in fez-alphabet (depending on how you rotate it). 'Puzzle' might be the number 1 (in fez-alphabet). P1 is a codename for an early greek copy of the New Testament, among many other things.

Some of the images seem to have something to do with the song's title. For example, 'Majesty' has a picture of Jesus, and 'Age' has a list of numbers (probably not ages, but still). 'Memory' shows a smiley face, relevant to the idea of rose-tinted goggles affecting one's memory of the past. 'Compass' may be appropriate, for reasons I'll go into below.

Most of the images are contained within hexagons. One - 'progress' - is contained within a square/diamond. One - 'continuum' - has an eye inside a pentagon. That suggests these two images are special. 'Memory' has a smiley face not inside any shape.

Two images refer to TV shows, two were painted by artists known for unusual/surreal works. Four depict people (jesus, truman, locke, number 6), 5 if you count the generic depiction of a man within 'compass'.

The primes within 'age' are sequential, 10 per row. I think the number in the sequence is what we're supposed to look at. So if 3 is the 2nd prime, 5 is the 3rd etc. then the first visible one is the 325th prime (320th cut off but at the beginning of that row) and the end would be about the 540th. I swear I recall seeing a cleaned-up image of 'reflection' that showed an odd apple-like shape enclosed in a shape that seemed similar to the one in 'age'. If I could find that image again, I'd superimpose the apple over the table of primes and pick out those numbers. I'm unsure what these numbers would be good for, though.

'Compass' looks to me like an apple on top of a pedestal. Or else it's dotting the letter 'i' (unlikely). Either way, I interpret it as referring to a person putting Apple Computer on a pedestal. This could mean either Steve Jobs being the person who made Apple so successful and beloved, or the average person. I'd guess the latter, given the depiction of a generic person. The 'compass' would be Apple, which people follow, or perhaps Jobs.

The shows 'Lost' and 'The Prisoner' both involve people trying to escape from isolated coastal areas, and significant numbers. Both images were taken from one of the first episodes of each series. The Prisoner has people named with numbers, 1, 2 and 6 being most important. Lost has 'the numbers' - 4,8,15,16,23,42, although Locke is less associated to these numbers than Hurley, suggesting the numbers may not be the takeaway from that image. Locke is a symbol of faith. The image of Locke might've just been a shout-out to the Trials HD puzzle, which referenced Lost.

'Forgotten' looks most like 'fear' although it doesn't resemble any numbers/letters in fez-alphabet without rotating parts of the image. It's possible the number of rotations is dictated by the numbers/locations in 'fear' but I'm unsure how to break up an image that looks like 2 blocks by 2 blocks, or more likely 3 intersections by 3 intersections, using a key that is 2 by 3. This image is also symmetrical vertically and horizontally.

I find it unlikely that the solution to the Monolith puzzle would be gleaned (without reading online spoilers) via buying something outside of the game, I find it more likely these images are either an easter egg or decode into lore. Then again, since many of these images are still copyrighted, putting them in the game itself might've been more risky (and people couldn't have extracted them from the audio of an xbox game without violating Microsoft EULAs.)

I've only seen 16 images out of a 26 song soundtrack, none of the others contain images? Getting cleaned-up versions of 'reflection' and 'age' would be nice.

User Info: Crocadillian

8 years ago#76
Awesome findings, things are definitely looking clearer. I'm getting the soundtrack redownloaded, as I realise I don't have the updated tracks from pre-ordering early. When that's done Ill have clear pictures of whatever I can find unless someone beats me to it. I would assume however that there are only 16 images.

User Info: ArcadiusRawr

8 years ago#77
For anyone that needs them, I have compiled my own high-quality stereogram images and put them into Tumblr photosets for quick reference :).

Part 1 (Tracks 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 08, 09, 10)

Part 2 (Tracks 13, 14, 18, 21, 22, 23, 25, 26)

User Info: lovepooky

8 years ago#78
Kinda sad to see the game peter out like this. I think we've so thoroughly strip mined the game and it's components at this point... the only true puzzle left is how to obtain the monolith code and I think anything else we've missed along the way is going to have to be revealed in a post-mortem with Phil Fish (if that ever happens.)
also, to whoever managed to get Locke out of his image... Kudos!

thank god for my dad and his love of The Prisoner or I'd not have recognised it (although I'm sure Phil Fish mentioned it). Give it a watch guys. despite being over forty years old, it's very modern in it's sensibilities without feeling the need to overstuff itself with content. I swear, TV shows don't understand pacing at all nowadays.

User Info: progamer664

8 years ago#79
Oh hey, this thread made it on Slowtaku lol.

http://img52.imageshack.us/img52/4066/photo23i.jpg http://i40.tinypic.com/m8d1e1.j

User Info: Onclemol

8 years ago#80
Just to say.
I came across the Salavador Dali Painting "Corpus Hypercubus" by searching informations about dodecahedron.
The cross behind Jesus is a 3D projection of a Tesseract (an Hypercube)


It's not a big clue but it makes sense to me why this picture made her way here.
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